By tine - 16/11/2014 09:44 - Australia - Sydney

Today, my boyfriend broke the bed pretending to be a caterpillar. FML
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Not what i was expecting. ..

Sometimes it are the small things that really bug you.


Not what i was expecting. ..

Me either. The question is now will he put the bed back together pretending to be Bob the builder. :)

Really though, this FML has left me so curious! Lol!

Definitely needs a follow-up!

...Was this some sort of sexual thing or just idiocy???

Sometimes it are the small things that really bug you.

I'd like to know.. How..?

pretending to be a caterpillar

#16's reply gave me such a laugh. I truly expected a random, well thought out possibility and was pleasently surprised. Good job. :P

He could have been pretending to be a burrito.

reminds me of an old commercial. *dad wraps himself in a blanket* dad: "honey what am i?" daughter : "a..burrito?" dad : "no! im a joint!"

Hopefully it was funny . Unless it was then ya known kinda sucks

I'm assuming you meant to type "wasn't". Even giving you the benefit of the doubt, your comment doesn't work. If it was funny, why post it on FML?

It could be funny but still an fml. Funny because he pretended to be a caterpillar. An fml because he broke the bed.

Maybe when he turns into that beautiful butterfly, you'll forget about the broken bed.

Funny thing is, calling a man a "butterfly", at least in Spanish, is saying he's gay. If he became one, he wouldn't really need OP anymore. He'd fly away in search of some other nectar.

That's...odd. The last thing I would have expected to see here.. Or, maybe just the thing I was expecting to see here.

I was expecting this to end with "while having sex," definitely not this...

Wads he trying to burro into you while doing this? That would make this okay with an applause .