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  doctorhook86  |  24

That's a tough position for the OP: he's shocked and jealous, but being jealous is gonna make it worse. Take a deep breath and try to get over it, man; if she married you and she's not cheating on you, you can't get angry at her for anything she did before she met you.

The fact that she still fantasizes about it is something you'll just have to accept--she liked it. My advice? For starters, buy a bunch of sex toys; that way maybe you can fulfill her fantasy without actually having to share her.

Good luck dude.

  greenie213  |  23

God people! This is a REPLY section, not a "post what should be a real comment but I'll post it in the reply section of the first commenter so I'll be able to fulfill my constant need for attention" section!

  cynical4life  |  4

Hahaha... I love when ladies say this... Shows what their own past is all about


Um, excuse me? I've never done anything like that (not that it's your business). But I am proud to say that I'm not judgmental towards other people's sexual fantasies. Keep an open mind.

  DjeePee  |  24

I know that a threesome can look awesome, but a sixsome? How does that even work? Unles it's a bukake or all those men are biseksual and doing it with eachother, I really don't see how every single party can be pleasured at the same time.


Wouldn't bother me. In fact I've had a threesome *with* my boyfriend. Jus because most people prefer one partner or vanilla sexual experiences doesn't mean those who seek other avenues are wrong. The world has never been black and white.

  Boob_fml  |  6

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Morality is subjective, my dear child. That's fine if that's what you feel is right. I'm simply pointing out that your way is not the only way; that just because something is right for you doesn't mean the everything else is wrong for everyone else. The world isn't so black and white as all that

  lacespace  |  8

I don't think I would be able to bring a third party into my relationship personally-but I definitely don't think by doing so you're lacking morals. 25 is right in the sense that every one has their own sexual tastes basically, and calling them immoral is for lack of a better word, stupid. I think some people are outrageous and can be a bit disturbing in their ventures but hey, whatever sinks your submarine man it's your junk not mine.

  glorialaura21  |  8

31- Please explain how a group of people having consensual sex is morally wrong and how someone who partakes in it must have "no morals". How exactly does the number of people doing a sexual act together somehow change the act from something acceptable to something unacceptable.

  DocBastard  |  38

shadexilmaendu - Saying "my dear child" makes you sound incredibly condescending and obnoxious, and it nearly invalidates your point which otherwise is quite right.