Better late than never

By onehundredpercenteffed - 14/08/2009 01:46 - United States

Today, my wife thought it would be fun to bring in one of her girlfriends for a threesome. Because of the friend, I now know what my wife sounds like when she's having a REAL orgasm. Five years and two kids into our marriage. FML
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OMG! A girl is better at giving another girl an ******?!?!?! ALERT THE PRESSES!!!!!!!!

You're seriously whinging about getting a threesome?


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YDI for assuming that because she had one intense ****** all the others must have been fake. Quit being such a baby.

maybe a threesome is what she needed...try it more often?

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your wife WANTED to have a threesome you should be feeling pretty lucky stop complaining

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haha so you're wife actually wanted to have a threesome with you and another woman and you have the nerve to come on this site? i understand that you wanna be the one to give her the big O but damn just pound em both.

lmmmr 0

"Just pounding" is probably what caused the issue in the first place.

Your wife just wants a excuse to have sex with others.

ok dude first of all if you cant satisfy your wife after 5 years to figure out what she likes you fail at life. on the other hand not all orgasms are allike, all this could mean is that in a treesome she is terned on enough to have a very intense one. and even if that isent the case YOU WERE IN A ******* THREESOME STOP COMPLAINING!

how can u possibly think this is a bad thing? i mean i got every man's dream ... two women.. and ur wife came for the first time... maybe ur past sex sucked... but this deff. didnt.

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so you got a threesome quit being a bitch

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uhhhhh man this fml is messed up. imagined bein this guys kid and knowing ur mum and dad are havin a threesome. is that normal in america?

What is normal? And how is it messed up to know your parents had a 3some(other than the whole thinking of ur parents doing it...*cringe*)

That was just so she could finally be satisfied... :P

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dude screw you this is no where near an fml if ur having a treesome when you have two kids. your the most pussy getting dad on the block. go you. go america.

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that's just sad.. yeah sadly this is how it has become in America.. men treat women like things to hump and dump instead of people

agreed. who cares so long as u keep getting 3ways.

#205, Never in this fml was it mentioned that any women were 'humped and dumped' and it was his wife's idea to have a threesome.

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OMG! A girl is better at giving another girl an ******?!?!?! ALERT THE PRESSES!!!!!!!!

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actuallyyy many girls are good at giving orgasms...

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Um girls know what girls want dumb ass. And as for u mister u really need to learn how to please a woman

I YDI because honestly if you can't tell the difference What have you been doing all these years? Also, just be glad she brought someone else to play with. maybe you cna practice with her?

You're seriously whinging about getting a threesome?

No shit, at least you got a threesome out of it, and from the way it sounds it won't be your last

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You'd be surprise by how many times women fake orgasms

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wow!!!! that's really sad....

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on the plus side, you had a threesome

maybe you should invite her back to learn some pointers...