By Jograd - 25/09/2012 17:13 - Australia - Sydney

Today, my roommate decided to turn off all appliances in the house to "save" electricity. This included the refrigerator. FML
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KingCeltic77 18

It sounds like his brain is turned off.


In a hurry to get the first comment in?

9- Actually, if you look at his comment again, then look at the FML, there's a pun. SHOCKING as in surprising and SHOCKING as in no electricity. Not a very good pun, in fact I thumbed it down too, but just think before you make comments like that.

9- in a hurry to get the second comment in? Also, your pun radar is faulty... get it checked. Ta.

n_epic_fail 14

All that money you save on the energy bill can pay for the food you now need to buy

Hey nothing wrong with drinking chunky milk

Only if you don't mind a hospital bill ,due to food poisoning .

2: Today I learned that cottage cheese was invented by an idiotic roommate with delusions of environmentalism.

Hah! I just came back from visiting my younger brother, who is in hospital with food poisoning. His drip machine was faulty. It wasn't due to lack of electricity though. Lack of nurses able to fix it.

"I just wish they didn't have to kill so many lemons to make it.."

Dumbass roommate. Idk about you, but between me and my roommates, if this ever happened (food spoiling), whoever was responsible has to pay for the food that spoiled.

Make him buy all the food to replace what he spoiled. I don't think he'll make the same mistake again.

The only thing this room mate needs to be "saving" is all those precious braincells.

The amount that you would save on the electric bill , would hardly cover the cost of food . I suggest that you make your roommate pay the next food bill, as well as pay to replace all of your food. Good luck OP .