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Today, after being married for 20 years, I found out that my wife has accounts on multiple dating sites, "just in case." FML
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You should buy some naughty magazines... you know, "just in case".

ZY1431 24

just I case of what exactly? after 20 years one should know if their spouse is a lifer or not.


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i feel sorry for whoever marries you

Why? When the wife is trying to hookup with other guys you know she can't be trusted, has probably already cheated on OP, and there really isn't a reason to stay together.

#1 granted OP'S wife having multiple accounts on a dating site "just in case" is beyond wrong does not mean that after twenty years of marriage that OP should just divorce her they should sit down and talk first they didn't make it to twenty years of marriage by jumping straight to divorce when they have a problem, divorce isn't the first thing they should automatically jump to.

It's something that should have been talked about before she went behind his back to meet other guys.

If a girl I was married to for 20 years had dating accounts is divorce her. 1) she was expecting our marriage to fail anyway and can use those "in case" accounts now 2) she's most likely already cheated. Why be with someone you can't trust and obviously is ready for it to end?

so what would be the grounds for divorce? a mutual agreement after a long sit down talk about shared feelings for hating each others guts?

That takes cheating to a whole new level.

I'd say this is acceptable if one of the sites is Ashley Madison.

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#64 I'd say your comment would be acceptable if you hadn't said anything.

I think she's still with Op "just in case" she doesn't find someone better

divorce is right. and op is probably slackin. in bed

You should buy some naughty magazines... you know, "just in case".

Because, immature reciprocation is TOTALLY conducive to this situation.

#30 I never knew the people in the magazine would come to life.

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He should get an account, but use a different name. Then, after a fight with his wife, he should ask her out on a date. If she accepts, she probably has with other people. If she denies, you're good.

SkyGuy32 17

Also before someone misunderstands me, I'm not saying to create a fight, just to wait for one.

Honest communication is probably better in this situation.

Are you sure of this? Sounds like you need to get a new women.

what? "new women". first of all, woman*. secondly you can't simply get a new woman, shes not a furniture or something like that. and maybe he loves her. why would he want to get 'a new one'?

Because she doesn't love him? A one way loving marriage doesn't last very long

What dating site was up and running 20 years ago???

#5 no where in OP'S FML does it say that his wife did it right after they were married, I think it means that at some point in their twenty year marriage she made the accounts, she very well could've made them 5 years ago however I don't think that's the point OP is trying to make I think it's just fact that she has them in the first place while they are still married.

ZY1431 24

just I case of what exactly? after 20 years one should know if their spouse is a lifer or not.

While this is generally true, there are couples that leave each other after 20+ years.

In case of finding a new, fresh and wild romance. It's always the same story: you start to love someone passionately, but after some years your very decent partner seems boring and you lust for a new sensational passion. A glitch in human nature and the end of many good marriages, it would seem.

Incase they get divorced. My parents decided to get divorced after 21 years of marriage.

I know quite a few couples that's marriage ended after being together 20 plus years. They stayed together for the sake of the children but once the kiddies are grown or out of the house, they find they no long have much in common with each other or they get to a point that they want to enjoy the remaining part of their lives without being stuck with someone they can't stand to be with in the first place.

#6 my parents were married 22 years before they decided to get a divorce even though OP has been married for 20 years doesn't mean they always know after 20 years however OP'S wife was definitely in the wrong she shouldn't have made those accounts.

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My grandparents were married for over 40 years and were both well into their seventies when they decided to get divorced. They both grew apart and just couldn't stand to live together anymore, much less maintain a relationship.

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Agreed, #13 this happens more than people realize. The kids are all grown, out of the house and doing their own thing. These couples have probably been unhappy for many years but stayed together for the sake of the children.

How about you do the same, so she can see how it feels?

Well, that is a little awkward for you, OP.

awkward???? It was probably more painful than awkward, awkward would be walking in on someone having sex or running into an ex while you're with the New person that you are seeing and etc. Not finding out your wife has made multiple dating accounts.

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It's obviously you have to leave your wife..

I think there was meant to be some sarcasm in the comment, but it didn't have an account.

"Just in case" you find someone better than her.