By 0h_Boy - 20/04/2016 20:03 - United States - Brooklyn

Today, my wife and I were Skyping, when she decided to put on a "show" for me. Seconds before she was about to climax, we lost internet connection. FML
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"Trust me, we were just as disappointed as you." –Skype system technician

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How dare you expect the Internet connection to be reliable. What on earth made you think technology would pull through when you needed it to

I don't know where you live but where I live it's incredibly rare for the connection to disappear

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It was, but eh. Can't win them all

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Sounds like you repaid for a sin with that one

Sounds like you wandered into the wrong part of the Internet, pal

Yeah I don't think #6 quite understands the concept of marriage.

"Trust me, we were just as disappointed as you." –Skype system technician

Here, sir, have your 200th upvote. This comment was creative and funny.

OP's wife is going to have a serious case of blue ovaries.

Sounds like OP's wife wasn't feeling it and cut the call, blaming it on the connection to spare your feelings. YDI for poor technique.

That's a lot of assuming without having any true evidence. How do you know all these things you listed? Especially about OP's technique. Were you there and watching them? That would be kind of weird. You're prematurely blaming the OP when you actually don't know anything.

Except if they were video chatting, which seems highly likely, it would be really hard to pull this off because it would be extremely obvious.

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Hey dude you forgot to add Skype system technician to your footer

That's why you don't do things on the Internet

Then it looks like you'd better delete your FML account.

When you are underage, absolutely. A married couple who are obviously not in the same bed for whatever reason can and should. It is part of a healthy relationship.

Fucking plebes, am I right? Ethernet connection for life!