Today, I was delivering pizza. When I went up to the front door, an elderly lady answered. She was wearing a floral dress that went down to her shins and had a Nicolas Cage mask on with eye holes cut out. When I glanced behind her, I saw her cats had them too. FML
By nicholascageonyourface / Sunday 9 June 2013 05:13 / United States
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  JereMy_Life  |  6

Maybe he didn't interrupt it, because it hadnt started yet: she was waiting for him to be part of it ! That's why she called the pizza delivery guy. Hadn't he leaved, he would be wearing a Nicolas Cage mask right now...

  linyah  |  11

not sure on that..i worked for sam's club a while back and we have our famous megatron lady. claimed she is the mother of god, and megatron is coming to get us. Though, i would of been amused to see what OP saw.

By  MissEmma_fml  |  22

"All of my characters have a glint of madness." - Nicolas Cage.

Sounds like your woman is embracing the madness! Just go with it, who doesn't want to prance about in a Nicolas Cage mask? I know I have!

*leans on wall of padded cell*