By ppd_sucks - United States
Today, my wife and I received confirmation that she has postpartum depression. When sharing this with the family, my mother exclaimed "I told you she was a psycho!" Now my wife is crying louder and more often than our newborn. Thanks, mom. FML
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By  redbluegreen  |  40

Your mother clearly needs to get over herself and accept your marriage. Your wife may be a "psycho" to her, but she's the "immature brat" to everyone else. Love and support your wife, and reassure her that she's definitely not what your mother says. Also, when you have the time, take your mother aside and set up some boundaries. If she can't accept them, stop coming around. For the sake of visiting your newborn, she'll probably learn to keep her mouth shut. Your mother may be blood, but your wife is your family.

  0opsie  |  6

Don't worry, she's just taking cheap shots at your wife. She probably thinks no one is good enough for her little boy. I know you might feel stuck in the middle, but BOTH your wife and mother are your FAMILY. When one is deliberately hurting the other, you have to put your foot down. Especially when your wife is in such a vulnerable state. Maybe next time don't feel the need to tell your mother about everything in your marriage. Now you know your mother won't be the least bit supportive.