By nerdsgetmehot - 29/12/2010 18:32 - United States

Today, six months have passed since my parents announced that they're getting a divorce. We're all still awkwardly living together because we haven't been able to sell our house yet. FML
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zp5 4

It must be a little weird when you guys go to the kitchen table to eat...I mean, it must be a little quiet...



That must suck. FYL OP.

they should have thought that through

#60 Yes, they should have thought it through. But is it my fault that they didn't? Nope.

hah I don't get it

zp5 4

Whats not to get? Her parents are getting or have gotten a divorce, but they're still living together, which makes it awkward.

I like how a half-assed laugh was included anyway. Liked as it was a classic fail.

What isn't to get? It's obvious that there is a passionate, yet thwarted, love between the mother and father taking place in a Yorkshire manor on the moors, and this unresolved infatuation will eventually destroy their lives and the lives of those around them.

You just tipped me over the edge and into manic depression. Thanks!

u and me both

*hums ironically*

wow... must be a hint from above as to what to do ;)

zp5 4

It must be a little weird when you guys go to the kitchen table to eat...I mean, it must be a little quiet...

yeah it they just all eat in diffrent rooms


ohsokaila 0

Lmfao. that comment made my day.

bob90079 0

Whoever got the house in the divorce should kick the other person out

It's likely that they got half each.

faux_ID 0

i wonder who sleeps on the couch...

Ah, I'm sorry, nerds. Is everyone at least being civil? Neither of your parents are able to get a room or stay with friends? Tough. FYL.

Ninjafriends 1

Geez, six months is a bit long to be in that kind of a situation. Good luck.

I was in it for like a year

One of my closest friends is going through the same exact thing. You're not alone.

If they really hated each other so much, then someone would have been forced to get kicked out.

Who says they hate each other? Hate is not the only reason for divorce.

#21 You are so right, Foe. They don't hate each other, they just don't love each other anymore and don't get along very well.

alaaloo_fml_fml 0

34- I'm sorry :((

Nerds - Wow. I can only imagine what it's like in your house... the divorce between my parents went through rather quickly and dad left the day they decided they'd divorce, so I didn't experience what you are/did. I have tons of sympathy for you!

zp5 4

Alright, this has nothing to do with the FML (sorry about that nerds), but for whoever is wondering and/or going to comment about what OP means, just move your mouse over the blue ribbon with a star right next to nerds comment. There, it will say what OP means. So now, you won't have to waste another comment trying to figure out what OP means, where everyone (including me) will give you a ridiculously wrong answer. Again, sorry about your parents divorce, nerds.

Rei_Ayanami 18

It's very true, this FML, (my deepest, most sincere apologies to you, Katie.) it becomes very awkward in a home when two or more people clearly are no longer happy to be with each other, when I was younger my parents divorced and you could just tell it was coming from the way they acted months before.

that sucks. I hope you get through it all right.