By Anonymous - Pakistan - Islamabad
Today, going to my psychiatrist's appointment for my PTSD and depression, my mother yelled about how useless I am and how I torture her existence with my "abnormalities." She told the doctor how much I've improved and become such a delight at home for her and our family. FML
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  DrSamba  |  7

That's not in public. The psychiatrist is legally prohibited from disclosing anything unless there is danger of someone being harmed. And the shrink can't help you if you tell them everything's fine, or why would you be there in the first place?

  RichardPencil  |  30

In this context, anyone who is not in the family is considered "public."

There are even cases where nuclear families need to withhold things from their extended family.

I agree that lying to a shrink is pointless.

By  Magtec  |  11

Sounds like you may have found the cause of your depression and PTSD. Make sure to tell your doctor what is happening. You can find support here -

By  jbuckets_404  |  38

OP oughta record her mom's various statements/ opinions for conveyance to OP's psychiatrist so as to identify / develop an adequate plan of treatment incl'g for increasing self-esteem and blunting/ counseling mom's negativity. Good luck, OP! :-)