By Anonymous - United States - San Jose
Today, my mom found out that I've been having counselling behind her back for the past 4 years. I broke down in tears explaining everything. Her response was, "So you go and bitch about me behind my back?!" And she wonders why I'm depressed. FML
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OP ignore your mother and anyone else who is negative toward mental progression. I had several counselors and a psychologist because of my mother. it hurts their feelings but you have to get better because if you dont your entire life will be an exhausting never ending hole of depression.

By  qdawg06  |  23

I hate when mothers are insensitive their children... Sorry OP.

  DemosthenesMB  |  13

In addition to that, a lot of patients are hesitant about going to counseling at all because they are nervous.

OP might not have told his/her mom about it because s/he may have wanted as few people to know about it as possible and/or was afraid that the mother would ask questions about the sessions.

  chinaski7628  |  32

Also, one's healthcare decisions (whether mental or physical health) are personal, private matters and OP doesn't owe an explanation to anyone about her decision to go to therapy.

  mikbrooke  |  25

#54 even if they are living in their parents house, the OP does not have to tell anyone they are going to counselling. considering the mothers reaction, how beneficial do you really think that would have been?

By  BossCactus87  |  5

Depression usually isn't about how hard your life is.. It's about not liking, or being able to figure yourself out... Hang in there OP.. Be individual... Your OWN person.. And never let anyone change that.. And never let anyone tell you who you are..


You're highly mistaken. also, there is a difference in being depressed and having clinical depression. Being depressed is most likely caused by not enjoying or being happy with your life or surroundings, and not being able to make things positive even though they aren't.. like you were able to before. Clinical depression is a chemical imbalance in your brain which creates issues with self esteem, confidence, thinking clearly, etc.

  Lizardgirl  |  7

I have depression and PTSD related anxiety as a result of years of verbal abuse and neglect at the hands of my father. Three years ago I managed to stop the abuse and my mom, brothers and I have been much better off ever since. I'm surrounded by people who love me and support me and even though there are still remnants of the past abuse that occasionally surface, my life has been amazing. But I still suffer depression and panic attacks. This isn't something I can control. I hate to share my story here on the internet where I know I'll get torn to shreds soon, but I think it's really insensitive that people think that I and others suffering from depression feel this way solely because we hate our lives or ourselves. It's much more complicated than that and everyone's story is different. So unless you've personally suffered from clinical depression don't think you can claim you know what it's like or why it happens.

By  kelsorg  |  21

sounds pretty selfish on her behalf. you didn't do anything wrong by trying to help yourself and have someone to talk to. fyl op, hope things perk up for you soon.

By  Paradoxxxx  |  16

Hey, I'm glad you were able to seek help by yourself :) that's a hard step, as for your mom hopefully she'll come to understand the impact her negativity has on you