By Anonymous - Vietnam
Today, I checked into a hotel because my boss had assigned me to a new position. As soon as the reception lady looked up, she had me kicked out of the hotel. Apparently, one of the regulations is, "No prostitutes allowed." I was wearing a business suit. FML
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  Iamnotmyself  |  17

Ok so here's how it went down. Me and my coworker (OP) were sitting in my office and charting when all of sudden our boss came in and told us their was a loin attacking the building. Betty(OP) and me went down to try and help, and by hells luck we got surrounded by a pack of wolves and dolphin bears. After a brief fight the lion came into the scene with a shotgun, and I knocked the shotgun out of his hands as Betty kneed him and held his leg, unfortunately the lion scratched the business suit so that it looked like a lingerie. As the lion was about to eat me she took the shotgun and killed him. She was immediately given a promotion. The promotion was to give Boners a handjob. Sorry for any confusion we could only fit so much of the story.

  kelsey_katie  |  17

And, were you wearing just a normal business suit, are something prostitute-y?! I don't see why a normal business would make you look a prostitute, but whatever.
Fyl, op


Her boss may be a pimp, her promotion may be that she no longer has to work on the streets; but rather in a hotel, and her "business" suit may be what attracts clients, which in turn, generates revenue.

By  RyanMacVey  |  17

this fml annoys me ... makes prostitutes sound like stupid whores who are easily recognizable... some woman have reasons for why they would end up doing something like that, some have kids to feed... i wish people would realise this :/

  jlh2283  |  1

Seriously dude, you don't prostitute you go work at mikki ds and if you can't afford your kids you should probably think of protection and a adoption agency...

  quesidias  |  0

No.. Prostitutes are looking for a QUICK and easy way to make money. They are better ways to make money than selling your self talk about no self respect...

  taytoc  |  10

Since ur profile picture looks like 2 ten year olds flicking off the computer screen really does show how "cool" u r.

Ur not Rly offending anyone since ur probably in the second grade and are cursing. I bet if u met any of these people in real life u wouldn't b flicking them off or saying "fuck u" because u would get the crap beat out of u.