By e_edge - 05/06/2011 06:48 - United States

Today, after I successfully blew up a really large balloon, my mom said, in front of my older brother's friends, "Wow, you're going to make some man really happy one day!" FML
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Did your brothers friends smile and give you a seedy wink? I would have. ;)

Answer back: "I already have..." That'd have shut her up.


your mom is my hero! now the real question is which purse would look better with these shoes the pink or the purple! 3 snaps in a circle work it girlfriend!!!

I think your mom meant that you could throw your man a great party since there would be tons of balloons to seal the deal!

15: Just a tip: the duck face makes you look like a retard. I don't know who started the trend thinking it's sexy, but they should be shot then pissed on.

Or she will do awesome blowjobs.

mintcar 9

32, that was a little harsh. Her picture, not yours. As for the FML, all i read was: mother has a sense of humour. Wah.

lexielynn0680 0

i would have laughed and told my mom that i already do;) but thats just me and my families sence of humor aha

futtbuck101 1

she's gonna follow moms footsteps

# 32 = one of the smartest people I've seen on FML. Honestly, you look like an idiot, so don't do it.

88: She now has a new picture, victory!

skyeyez9 24

I remember seeing that stupid expression and wondering why all these teens were making that face? I learned that it was the "duck face" about a month ago.

mattmadden 0

What's wrong with kids these days?

It's them new fancy drugs they get.

if you are hot, then make me a happy man ;)

yew shure git them pretty lips on yew

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Mintcar your real pretty.

Igor_g5 0

Nannyplum you're gorgeous. Is that really you?

heyimzim 4

well atleast you know your good at it

sumtinsumtin18 0

ur h o t

Did your brothers friends smile and give you a seedy wink? I would have. ;)


marinus-my kind of guy;)

lauren4ever 0

hey there cutie :)

braasilianx0 4

Mommy's trying to hook you up!

Her mom probably thinks a "blow job" involves blowing into a man's penis.

exactly! this isn't an fml, it's a chance for a boyfriend(;

shnipe 4

haha!! I love you!

HahaNotCool 0

I think she'd know what a blow job is, since she obviously used the joke at the right time.

what really matters is how long you can HOLD that breath for. helps out with hot tubbing.

the next thing you say is "unlike you!"

Answer back: "I already have..." That'd have shut her up.

haha did they even say that they were a girl?

Haha good idea. And I love your picture :)

41-its the gender symbol in the top right of the FML -.-

That also would've made those guys pretty happy

MatthewDmerrill 5

it says she female one the thing stupid

101- I've read what you've written. You can hardly call the other guy 'stupid' when you fail a constructing simple sentences.

LoveCali 0

I Love Your Picture OP.:)

grammar nazi vs grammar nazi

mind_geek 15

That blows.

I don't see what you did there

Because you need to know what he is talking about to understand him. You don't see what you can't understand

13... that was sarcasm.

Dreamkiller51 5

5- I know that totally Blows... My mind!

Always good to make people happy, just depends on how ;)

sourgirl101 28

Ask her why dad's not happy?

boat3439 0

Hahahaha poor dad

OceanBreathesSal 5

haha your mom is awesome!!

Your mum has class.

keep it classy, never trashy.

classy... like wine-in-a-box....

OceanBreathesSal 5

^ hahaha!

jessi030304 0

moms you gotta love'em,and you never know she might be right