By bigbuldge - 17/9/2019 00:01

Roommate From Hell

Today, my roommate whipped my face with a frozen chicken cutlet. My cheek is now the size of the chicken cutlet, and now he won't drive me to the hospital because it's "too funny to look at." FML
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By  Bogrbon  |  18

That would be assault, battery and domestic violence. I’m pretty sure the police would like to come and take your roommate for a ride, if you called.

By  Major_Haywire  |  7

Yuz may well mock, but frozen cutlet related deaths are a serious concern. They are rapidly becoming the weapon of choice in domestic assaults as the evidence can quickly be thawed and eaten before the fuzz arrives 🚨

By  Lora Wood  |  10

What leads up to a cutlet thrashing?