By Sam - United States - Elmhurst
Today, I had to turn down an invitation to one of my best friend's birthday party because I had been scheduled to work. Little did I know that my job on that day would be setting up the tents, tables, and chairs for that very birthday party. FML
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  nightowl713  |  25

I feel like the way this FML is worded that the FML is not about the OP having set up the party, i mean atleast the friend would know OP wasnt lying, but i think the FML is about the fact said friend knows where op works and booked their services that day.. Maybe so OP would HAVE to miss for work? Idk...

  nightowl713  |  25

Ok, upon further evaluation, I still think my original comment is a possibility, but another is that OP is referring to FML because he was not only bummed about missing, but that he had it rubbed in his face while working, adding insult to injury.

By  kerrygirl  |  13

not much of a best friend if you wouldn't take the day off work for her birthday

  BlowinChronic  |  18

Depending on when OP got the invitation, it could've been too late for them to ask for the day off. It isn't as easy for some people to get off as it is for other. You can't just assume OP didn't try to get off to go to their friend's birthday party.

  KeannaLove  |  32

Sometimes you need be an adult and go to work instead of having fun. It sucks but they're doing the responsible thing. And if they're anything like me, I need a months notice to take any time off.

  amy6703  |  6

You must be a terrible diva of a friend. Why else would you be appalled that someone can't take off work to go to a party? Life happens, you won't always get your way.

  ehllychan  |  10

Depending on when and how the invitation was received, it's OP's friend who isn't much of a best friend... why would you schedule a birthday party and not check if your best friends will be able to make it?

Unless OP received the notice that they would have to work on the day of the party after accepting the invitation, or the friend is the wrong one for just assuming everybody was going to be free that day and not checking before scheduling a party.

  LeezaIsTheBest  |  14

She probably felt embarrassed or awkward knowing that she let the invitation down for work then realizing she has to set everything up. Who knows her friend was probably giving her one of those looks while she was setting up.

  VaveJessop  |  6

@48, but if her friend hired her company to set up for the party, wouldn't it be obvious why they're helping to set up? Unless the best friend doesn't know where OP works, in which case a, "hey, I didn't know we were setting up for your party!" would sort things out.. the friend really has no reason to be giving OP dirty looks for working, lol.

  suboy  |  10

Most likely OPs company did not stick around for the festivities. They were there to set up for the party and will come back once the party is over.