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Today, six weeks before my wedding, my mother decided to claim that she never agreed on paying for it and that she doesn't think she will. Now I have six weeks to scavenge enough cash for the wedding she planned in the first place. FML
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lhazz11 23

I would uninvite her until she puts up the cash

And that's why you should always have a backup. Try your dad.


And that's why you should always have a backup. Try your dad.

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If mama planned it, then mama can pay for it. All you need is the groom and a preacher. Possibly a judge or a boat captain. Why would you agree to pay for someone else's billls?

Zimmington 21

@30 A boat captain can marry someone on open water.

12- You've never been around wedding planning before, have you? Six weeks is almost no time to come up with enough money for a wedding if you were planning on someone else paying for everything, adult or not, you find me someone who can come up with 10k in six weeks legally, because it's next to impossible.

I can think of several legal ways to get ten grand in six weeks. One is day trading or online poker, either one can net you huge amounts of money if you're skilled and patient. The other is getting and maxing out credit cards. Perfectly legal. And if you pick the right ones you'll get air miles or the like, possibly enough to defray the airline tickets for the honeymoon.

Starting a marriage with that amount of debt is probably not the best idea though. While I agree those are legal ways to do it, they aren't exactly ideal for a wedding. You don't want a ton of credit card debt as the foundation for the marriage.

When you have six weeks left to your wedding there are no ideal ways. There are only ways that work and ways that don't. I don't think people should get under the CC debt bus either, but it is a legitimate alternative.

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12- My parents insisted on helping pay for my wedding, even when I argued it was my responsibility. Some parents feel it's their duty, some don't. Maybe OP's mother did the same and is now backtracking?

#41 most of the time it is the wifes family paying for the wedding, he was making a logical assumption

Traditionally, the wife's parents pay for the wedding. Try making that point?

Wow I didn't know that. It sounds like like a dowry :((( I don't thing either the groom's or bride's parents should be "supposed" to pay

I don't know about y'all, but it's always the groom's family that traditionally pays for the wedding when I hear about it.

Its worth a shot to try that. Ive never heard of that though.

lhazz11 23

I would uninvite her until she puts up the cash

She needs to call JG Wentworth @ 877-CASH-NOW!!

I tried to reply to someone else and I tagged 18 because I was saying that you beat him to the JG Wentworth joke. So to look a little bit less like a dumbass I changed it. Is there a way to delete comments?

Tell her that since she's not paying, you have to find ways to save money/costs. Her invite is number one on the list.

Claim that you never invited her and that you never will!

Don't invite her. And if she insists on coming to your wedding you can charge her for a seat in the backrow.

Charge her the same amount of money for the seat that she cost you for the wedding.

She can sit in the car outside her house

Notyours007 9

Or you understand that not everybody has the amount money that they try to portray they have and then you need to understand that you and your wife might have to start hooking

If the mom didn't have the money, she shouldn't have planned and offered to pay for their wedding.

Weddings aren't all about flash and fancy. People are too worried about what everything looks like, that they overlook the meaning. It's about two people coming together, as one. All that matters is the connection, the intimacy, the growth, and the fact that (in most cases) paying bills just got easier! Don't worry so much about the appearance, OP. Everything will work out just right!

Exactly, #13! OP, what can you downscale or cancel at this point, like catering or music or decoration or flowers? Some things like a reception hall or banquet plan may have a nonrefundable deposit, but sometimes that deposit plus the cost of a cheaper alternative is still less than the full price of the original. Maybe you can send a shout-out to friends or family to organize a pot luck instead of a catered meal, or have a gathering to make favors or decor yourselves, and so on. But don't feel obligated to stick with what your mother wants/planned if she won't pay for it. Why run up a lot of bills for one day and start your life together with a big debt burden when you can instead have a wonderful, joyous, lower-key party that will be just as memorable? Or heck -- elope. 8)