By Anonymous - 18/04/2012 10:59 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I heard that my ex-girlfriend was spreading scurrilous rumours about me all over our university. It appears that I distribute white supremacist propaganda, and that my sexual fantasies involve animals and vegetation. FML
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Spread stuff about her, this is war!

dissdawg 5

I'm assuming this was a bad breakup


trolololololol92 0

Spread stuff about her, this is war!

Or in some way take this to an authority due to slander.

Yeah, spread rumors about how she's a gossiping hoe that talks behind people's backs... Oh, wait...

RaquelW 7

they already know her as the girl that used to date that racist pervert.

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Yes 45 thats pretty much what i was getting at, id get her right back or tell everybody she's lying. Either way, spreading rumors would be more fun.

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Don't worry we all like to paint our dicks orange and try to **** a rabbit after the kkk parties are done

This would've been a much better first comment. ha!

Or you could give her aids via pushpin.

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And this is obviously now war!

dissdawg 5

I'm assuming this was a bad breakup

ryanmoneybags 4

Well, she dated you. So that makes her an animal.

Well I assume most people won't believe her

In the world of rumors, that's a foolish thing to assume

4, people believe the strangest things sometimes >.< In the world of rumors, everything goes and is a fact until proven otherwise.. But OP, people will find out the truth sooner or later ^^ So what if you are a zoophile? There are worse things anyway.. ^^ People need to be more open

We all know what happens when we assume. It makes an ASS outta U and ME.

Wow! Time for a new GF man. I wouldn't even do that to someone I didn't like!

Wow... Shame on me for misreading lol sorry I was busy but wanted to comment and was rushing. Learned my lesson haha

LOL that's what I'd do. but it might spread even more rumors about him. considering he did date her.

So he wants everyone to know he dated a girl with a dick? That's good for his image.

xCrazyMexican 4

He could claim that he just found out n there's another reason to dump dat bitch!!

crazy4uboi 6

And that proves what? He would just be getting down to her level which is very low to say the least.

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It sounds like she didn't get the memo: she's not in high school anymore.

Ill probably get thumbed down since I'm in high school, but your right I hate when you have really immature breakups. if your dumped you just have to deal with it and move on don't go out of your way to put your ex down

iamBrody 1

I too am still in high school. I've suffered at the hands of immature breakups :(

I think we have all suffered from immature breakups at one point or another. When I was in high school the grapevine reported back to me that according to my ex, I was the town *****. This was big news to me, since I was a virgin at the time.

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I know what plants like / plants like / plants like me

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Plushophelia? I'm sure it's not spelt right

Lol, plushophelia sound like someone with a fetish for stuffed toys.