By Anonymous - 22/09/2009 23:36 - Canada

Today, I was checking into a hotel with my boyfriend. A few minutes after we get to our room, the cops show up to our door asking to see some ID from the both of us. The hotel staff had called the cops on us because they thought I was underage and he was going to molest me. I'm 21 and he is 24. FML
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the hotel employees were just looking out for your boyfriend. after all, 15 year olds will get you 20 years.

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so the hotel employees never checked your ID when you checked in?


How is this a FML? So you show the cop your ID, he apologizes for bothering you, and you go on your merry way getting it on with your b/f in a hotel room.

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Fucktard. Would you find this a pleasant experience if it happened to you?

take it as a compliment so they thought u were young big fing deal at least they didnt think u were like 40. get ova urself tool

It is an FML. It only takes a couple of minutes to lose a shirt, bra, and completely ruin the mood when cops show up to ask for ID. You should complain to the manager, the staff were being too nosey and presumptuous. Especially if they imagined signs of unease or coercion on your part that were not there. They could have also asked for your ID, age, or some questions at the desk.

maybe its more to the fact that the hotel staff think her boyfriend looks like a paedofile.

I agree this isn't an fmylife at all, just a funny story to tell in the future.

I know. It always amazes me how some people bitch about looking young for their age. Find something worth complaining about, like having cancer.

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woah woah woah, everybody just hold on a second. OP, you got molested?

NO U IDIOT the cops THOUGHT she was gunna get molested

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I thought the policy was not to say this isn't an fml.

the hotel employees were just looking out for your boyfriend. after all, 15 year olds will get you 20 years.

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so the hotel employees never checked your ID when you checked in?

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aparrently the checked the boyfriends ID, 'cause my girlfriend never gets carded when i pay

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normally they only check the person who is paying. they dont care who else goes into the room. just as long as the person paying is 21

yes but if they assumed that she was underage they could have made up some reason to check her id...

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Exactly! Shouldn't you be HAPPY that you look like you're in your teens??

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Maybe when you're in your thirties... But other than that, it sucks... My mom told me that at 25 she was being carded for rated R movies and for drinking at almost 30!

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#106 I'd rather be carded for alcohol in my 30's than actually look my age, but that's just me. I also get told all the time I look about 15, and I'm 19. So I understand, but I don't mind it. :)

hope you got refunds. at least a ****** apology.

Umm yes, if the hotel staff think a statutory rape is about to take place they should most definitely report it.

um ok ya its annoying for OP but that IS a reason to suspect molestation and even if its consensual if 1 person is underage it is STILL illegal. and the hotel was absolutely right to report it. if you were dragged to a hotel by a rapist you would be prayinggg for the hotel staff to call the cops. so stfu

First things first, you sound like an arrogant jerk organisedchaos. Saying that they had no indication of her age is idiotic, because you have no idea what she looks like. This will probably happen to me one day because, despite the fact that I am 20 years old, people ALWAYS mistake me for a 16 year old. So maybe there was some indication as to her age. And yeah, I think someone over 18 being in a hotel room with someone under 18 is pretty shady. The only time I've known that to happen for a legit reason was when some friends went to a concert and stayed overnight in the city. As a hotel employee, I'd probably be a bit suspicious. And since the OP doesn't say how she and her boyfriend were acting, we have no idea, but most girls I know are the kind of girls who would be holding their bf's hand, kissing him, ya know, normal relationship stuff. That's kind of an indication as to what might go on in the hotel room. And saying that statutory rape is a joke? Are you serious? There are some times that I don't necessarily agree with it because it's just parents trying to break up their child from someone they don't like, but either way, it's the law, and it has helped a lot of people. Don't like it? Get over it. I doubt it's going to change any time soon. Sounds to me like you like your underaged girls and don't like the fact that you can't always have them.

omg organisedchaos is so full of win!! I wanna say something to piss him off just to keep him going haha

"a few minutes after we got in our room"... least it wasnt something like an hour THAT would be awkward.

But so the hotel staff were just trying to help? Haha nt really a FML though...