By facepalmshroomer - United States
Today, I tried hallucinogenic mushrooms for the first time with my friend. Little did I know, they last for around 6 hours, and I had class at 3, when I had to give a presentation in front of 30 people. FML
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  insomniac8400  |  13

Awwww, how precious... the majority of prescription drugs are ten times worse for you than cannabis or even charms. almost every painkiller on the market is basically refined heroin

By  hallucinog3n  |  0

the first time i ever ate mushrooms i had to talk to my mom for 45 minutes, and apparently the conversation we had was completely coherent. i would believe that the presentation did well (although i'd MUCH rather hear that it failed miserably)

By  Eir_fml  |  1

so naturally, you tried them at about 6, and you were fine by 12, and had your presentation go off without a hitch, right? I'm assuming this is true, since you didn't say when you had them