By AloneAtPerkins - 28/7/2021 04:01

The friendzone doesn't exist

Today, I got friendzoned by my coworker. He'll constantly remind me that he's there for me if I ever need anything or someone to talk to, he's sexy as hell, and he pulls me in for close hugs. This is gonna be a long-ass summer. Oh, did I mention it's a communal living situation in the middle of the mountains? FML
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By  rotflqtms_  |  20

Maybe your coworker doesn't want to mix business with pleasure, or he has a girlfriend, or he values his job and wants to make sure to keep his work life from getting tangled with his sex life, or he's just not that into you, or he's not into your gender. You're better off accepting his subtle rejections than making it more awkward than it needs to be. Imagine starting something with him, then breaking up and having to share that communal living space with the guy you used to be with. Even worse if you now hate each other.

By  peithecelt  |  28

the. friend zone. does. not. exist.

referring to it just takes your situation and makes your look pitiful, and like you have no respect for the autonomy of others.

  RichardPencil  |  30

That's one improvement the app needs -- seeing the story titles so you don't repeat them. Also, being able to see the thumb counts on your own comments and being able to reply to replies to your comments.

I disagree. There are some women whose company I enjoy, but could not imagine having sex with them. I can only hope that they are not sexually attracted to me. Lucky for me, I'm ugly enough that they don't try to jump out of the zone.

What I will say is that you don't have to stay in the zone -- there are two exits.