By ledon - 16/11/2011 04:15 - Canada

Today, I kindly asked my crazy roommate to move out. She answered by stuffing raw hamburger meat down all the drains in the apartment. FML
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It's like Easter egg hunt with meat!! Measter!

Shove a potato in her muffler.


Where did she get it all?!

I'm guessing the grocery store.

She slaughtered a cow in the bathtub and ran it through a meat grinder in the kitchen.

Raw hamburger meat usually derives from cows.

She sounds psychotic. Kick her out fast!

14- Does that mean that KFC is looking for a new mascot?

30-no they aren't because KFC is chicken not cow

30- This is getting off topic, but you realize that the KFC mascot is a cow holding a sign that's says "eat more chicken" right?

that says*

Sorry 39. I was thinking of Chik-Fil-A. In my exhaustion, I got the two confused.

colonel Sanders is actually a cow that tried to lead a war against other livestock and decided to start with chicken true story

Is it just me, or was # 30, 40, 41, and 43 all a conversation to themself?

the other comment (s) are either moderated or later in the comment section. either way im too lazy to check lol

It's like Easter egg hunt with meat!! Measter!

New public holiday. Tell Obama!!

New public holiday. Tell Obama!!

New public holiday. Tell Obama!!

New public holiday. Tell Obama

Collect them all! And if you don't your house will smell like shit!

I almost thought this FML was leading to her stuffing raw meat down someone's throat. 0_0 Then yes she would've been even more crazy!

I like raw meat down my troat........................ How else do I eat sushi?

hey OP look on the bright side, at least she didn't stuff it down your throat!!

Actually, that would be better. I feel hungry now :(

Oh god the house must have had a putrid stench sorry op

Shove a potato in her muffler.

Boil'em, Mash'em, Stick'em in a stew

Pour sugar in her gas tank

Dildo, it's stick a dildo in the tailpipe.

Its best not to f*ck with crazy people. Just get her outta there. And tell her to take her meat with her.

What a waste of perfectly good food.

I'd kindly kick her ass, and shove her face in the meat.

Is there a way to kick someone's arse kindly?

oh...didn't notice someone else made a comment about " meat being stuffed down the throat" my bad!! :o)

Let me have a taste