By kraziikayce - 26/12/2009 01:20 - United States

Today, my uncle got me a debit card and put $1000 on it for my Christmas present. However, he forgot to activate the card. The receipt with the 14-digit activation code is in the garbage in Colorado. FML
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Forgive me for saying this OP, but the man's an idiot.

maybe kenny will find it if he's digging through trash to find poptarts for dinner


GeorgeBoosh 0

Why moan? Just fix it. Think the bank doesn't have procedures in place for what has to be a common incident?

erika_lynnex 1

i think ur uncle is trying to tell you something..

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wow a thousand dollars us a lot if money to lose.

Boost has got it right. if anyone has ever used one of these, they know these gift card debit cards have a website on the back for activation. unless it's an actual checking account that the uncle opened for OP, which I doubt because that's a lot of work for a birthday present

Maybe he can find the code when he gets back, or tell somebody who is still at his house? :o

Reyo 2

Forgive me for saying this OP, but the man's an idiot.

it's thought that counts. I believe that works here

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How do you know he actually put $1000 in there? what if he just forgot to get you a present and got a card and made up that story? like that song: ai ya yai its christmas and i dont know what to do! i dont have a gift for YOU!

Yeah, that's annoying, but the bank can probably tell the card has been purchased but not activated.

So? How does that help? If the bank were willing to just activate a card by placing money on it, then there'd be no point in having an activation code.

activation codes are there just to get them more money from the people who are stupid enough to forget to activate it.. seriously why else would there be one otherwise

GeorgeBoosh 0

Yep, the bank staff take free vacations all the time on money obtained this way. Best profit spinner ever. And I should know.

just call the company I'm sure they can help somehow

FYL because you got a 1000 bucks. Just call the bank.

dudeitsdanny 9

Unless he gave them to you, because you were in need.. I wouldn't call this an FML. You'll eventually get them, and this will have been a simple inconvenience. YLIA