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Today, what I thought would be a romantic sleepover with the guy I like quickly turned into hell on earth when his girlfriend showed up. I had to scale the fire escape in my underwear so I could get back to my car in one piece. FML
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Sounds to me like she did you a huge favour - she exposed him as a cheating fuckwad before you made the mistake of sleeping with him.

Did you know he had a girlfriend before this event? If so, YDI. If not, I'm sorry he put you in that spot and wasn't honest.


Sounds to me like she did you a huge favour - she exposed him as a cheating fuckwad before you made the mistake of sleeping with him.

Very true, but I'll bet OP has the "He wouldn't do that to me" attitude.

Huge favor yes, but doing so almost cost her more than she bargained for.

zuzupetalsYO 11

Unless she knew about the gf and she's a ****. in that case YDI

Well her bra will also cause his girlfriend to wonder what happened when she wasn't there.

b_rad_fml 4

OP said she was in her underwear, which usually includes the bra....

manumons 8

maybe you shouldn't have been there in the first place

MistaKrista 8

I don't think OP knew he had a girlfriend.

g0ldenb0nes 6

It sounds to me that she knew. If she didn't know she could have confronted his girlfriend with the fact that he was going to go behind her back and cheat on her. If she didn't know wouldn't she want to expose the bastard for cheating?

If the girlfriend was bringing "hell on earth" I'd personally want to get out of there as fast as possible. Staying to explain might not always be a wise choice.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#7, if I caught my boyfriend cheating on me, I wouldn't care whether the other girl "knew" he had a girlfriend or not; she better get out of there quick or she'd be hurt :P

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I meant to say they, not she

25- but that's not very fair if she didn't know = I really think the boyfriend should be blamed if that's the case.

lelo007 11

#25 why would you punish somebody for doing something they didn't know was wrong?

Haven't you seen the show "Cheaters"? The "other girl" gets blamed whether or not she knows he has a girlfriend. In many crazy girlfriend's minds,-- she's still the reason he's cheating-- and the one that's going to get hit. Especially if she sticks around. **I wasn't under the impression that the OP knew and only escaped to avoided getting an ass kicking by a crazy that's blaming the wrong person.

Well I guess in a fit of rage, she would just assume that the other girl knows but that doesn't make it right.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I was only making a joke. At the moment I ever caught them, I would of course be distraught and wouldn't care whether the girl knew or not. I wouldn't be violent of course. Like I said, I was just making a joke.

50- We're supposed to know exactly how you would react, someone none of us have ever nor will ever meet in person? If you make a joke, make us laugh, not think of you as a potentially homicidal psychopath.

25 it doesn't matter if the girl your boyfriend is cheating on you with is a **** or didn't know about it. Your boyfriend knows you're his girlfriend there a lot of bitches out there , you can't blame all of them, because at the end it's your boyfriends decision to cheat.

PeeNaught 3

@ the comment about maybe she shouldn't be there, true that, never mess with another woman's man and vice versa...

I think we need more information. Either way, the guy deserves to get his ass kicked, but did the op know? This is really bugging me, I need to know!

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I put the STD in stud. All I need is u.

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12, shut up. That's such an asshole thing to say.

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You know what they say - a key that opens many locks is cool, but a lock that gets opened by many keys is not.

cantthinkofshit 5 a title to be proud of.

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12-Who needs commitment when you've got swag? *sarcasm*

Did you know he had a girlfriend before this event? If so, YDI. If not, I'm sorry he put you in that spot and wasn't honest.

cradle6 13

^Because a jealous, angry significant other uses lots of logic and reason when finding out they've been cheated on.

I think OP should have got to know this guy before "having a sleepover" with him. If he is not your boyfriend then why are you doing "stuff" with a guy you have a crush on.

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

81- who are you to say what she should or shouldn't be doing with a guy she's not dating?

Well if this pattern continues (sleeping with guys she just likes) with OP then she might get AIDS. So it's best for her to sleep with a guy she is married to.

g0ldenb0nes 6

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It's possible she didn't know he had a girlfriend.

g0ldenb0nes 6

If she didn't know wouldn't she want to expose him for cheating? Not run away so the other girl never knew?

kimmyN 5

OP never said she knew that he had a girlfriend. Additionally, as someone who has caught a cheater before, at that moment, it doesn't matter if the other girl knew I was his gf or not, they both better run.

countrygirl626 16

10- It's quite possible if she had stuck around that the girlfriend might have kicked OP's ass, considering the guy's place became hell on earth when the girlfriend showed up.

I took it that the girlfriend was bringing "hell on earth" because she walked in on them. But since she couldn't get out the front she took the back way out, to avoid getting her ass kicked.

Llama_Face89 33

The way she worded it makes me think the girlfriend arriving was the surprise and not that she existed.

g0ldenb0nes 6

The way it was worded sounded more to me that she was aware of the girlfriend. If that wasn't the case OP should have made it more clear that she didn't know about the girlfriend.

lena85_fml 7

I doubt any girl in her case innocent or not would want to stay behind HALF NAKED OR COMPLETELY NAKED to expose the cheating asshole! And no where in the post did she say she was aware of him having a girlfriend.

If I didn't know he had a gf and he (probably) tells me to run cause of the gf, I would actually take my time to dress up so she knows he is a cheating ass and avoid the embarrassment of being seen half naked on the street.

I think it's both OP's fault and the boyfriend's fault because OP shouldn't be sleeping around with a guy that she doesn't know much about and a guy she just has crush on. It's also the boyfriends fault for being a scumbag and cheating on his girlfriend.

If you knew about her prior to the sleepover, YDI. If you didn't, FYL he is a scumbag!

This fml needs more info.. Im confused about if op knew or not about his gf. If you didnt know you're the other woman, the gf sounds crazy as you had to escape in your underwear.(would think she would get angry at the guy) I you did, you're a dirty little ***** who should grow a ****** and get yourself a single man, not be a homewrecker.

I hope she has a ******. If she didn't, then this may be a completely different story.

If there was more info, it wouldn't have been accepted as an FML.

When you go back to get your clothes slap him for being a player.

You should know people better before you sleep with them! Even better, wait until you're married!

Is that a ghost on the left side of your car?

just a thought, it's a possibility he lied about the other half? a lot of people do that! admittedly people don't have to jump into bed with every person they like but he could have told her he didn't have a girlfriend. just he was a bit stupid and his girlfriend found out!

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I laughed so hard at this FML that I shot milk out of my nose. You I must go redo my spray tan.

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I think OP did you a favor in that case. Spray tans make you look like Snooki.

Matching up his comment with his profile description, he's not serious… just trying to be loved by SOMEone.