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By  Jimboom  |  11

You are too stupid to have a bank account or even money. Please call your bank explaining this and get them to transfer any funds you have left to my account. :-P

  Flinlock  |  0

@35 - OP will probably just cut up the new one as soon as it arrives xD

And OP... seriously? If they sent you a new card then the old one should be canceled, so its not a big deal if its cut up in the trash or not...

  Brittneyyyy  |  7

#70 I don't think you can use debit cards for online shopping, usually it's credit only.

And I really don't see the FML here, if you go to the bank they'll give you a temporary card to use right away until your new one arrives.

  tass919  |  12

yeahh 89 like everyone else said you can use a Visa/MC debit online...

to the OP, go to your bank and they'll give you a new one, most banks usually for free, since it is just a credit card. i think you're just an attention whore for posting this. like, this really isn't a big deal. i once thought i lost my debit card while i was in italy one night and started freaking out. that's more of a big deal than this is