By fmfl - 17/11/2009 21:19 - United States

Today, I found a gift card under my bed that I lost a few months ago for $400 to a store that went out of business last week. FML
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if someone gave me a $400 gift card, I would have been out shopping as soon as they left. What was your plan here?

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So... you havent cleaned your room in a few months?


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If it was a few months, chances are there wouldn't be any money left on it. I've gotton gift cards where it said "value depleats by $25 every week after *month/day/year*" Sux that you missed out on 400 free moniez though OP.

I have yet to see a gift card like that. It kinda defeats the purpose.

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It's illegal in Massachusetts (where OP is from) as of 2002(?) for gift cards to deplete over time. I might have the date wrong, however, as I was just a kid when that law took effect. If you read the fine print it'll say something like "it depletes by X for ever Y amount of time you dont use it except where prohibited by law." However, if you then go out of state, and use that card, it's now officially able to deplete. Not that it's relevent in OP's case, since I would guess they're still in MA.

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Whatever your law says, I had a Spencers card that said that. and it wasn't like it started IMMEDIATELY after you bought it. After a year, the card starts to run out of money, though it may not have been $25 each time, more like 1 or 2 bucks each 2 weeks.

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If that happened you obviously don't live in MA, or that happend before 2002(ish). However what I stated is the current law in Massachusetts, and OP is from Massachusetts. Therefore OP's gift card was equal to whatever it was supposed to be, regardless of how long they had it.

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Actually, boatkicker. That's not true. In Massachusetts, "A gift certificate sold or offered to be sold shall be valid for not less than 7 years after its date of issuance. Massachusetts General Laws 200A §5D. A gift certificate without an expiration date will not expire." I know that says gift certificate, but it also goes on to say: "Gift Cards – Gift cards are covered under the definition of “gift certificate”. Massachusetts General Laws 255D §1" There is no law stating that it can "never" deplete. Also, to the OP, by MA law you may still be able to get your $400 back. "In some, but not all cases, you may be able to receive some reimbursement for the value of the gift certificate. If the retailer files for the protection of the bankruptcy court, you should file a document called a “proof of claim” with the court. Include whatever information you have about the value of the certificate, and a photocopy of the certificate or gift card. Bankruptcy allows for the payment of claims depending on assets available. "

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I stand corrected. :) Although still if it had only been a few months, OP's should still be worth the full $400, and they should definitely look into that.

Everyone, it's obviousy Circuit Shitty. I wanted to get a job there, and they promised to call me back 'next week' but those jerks never did. I then prayed that they go out of business and a few months later, they went bankrupt. Karma.

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So... you havent cleaned your room in a few months?

Sucks for you! YDI though for not cleaning your room more often...

Sell it to a random stranger at a reduced price, problem solved.

EDIT: Since FML was being really laggy, I couldn't edit properly. Forget my above comment, try to find another outlet for the store to cash your gift card in, if there is one.

hopefully it's not one of those mom and pop stores :( FYL though

Right, because you've never lost anything in your life.

Ahahaha x) This is why people should give gift cards from huge businesses that aren't likely to go out of business anytime soon. Like Walmart or Starbucks.

Or not give gift cards at all. A coworker gave me a Starbucks gift card a few years ago. I'm a big coffee drinker, but don't go to Starbucks unless I'm not able to make my own (on vacation or something). The $20 gift card only had like $7 on it the first time I used it because Starbucks cards lose value every month after a year or something like that. Give money if you don't know what to get - gift cards suck.

They don't suck. I prefer giving gift cards over money, because it's essentially the same thing, except by picking out a gift card to a certain place, it shows that you put more thought into it than just shoving money in a card and giving it to someone. Like, my brother gives me Starbucks and iTunes gift cards for presents, and it's cool that he took note of things I like. Giving money is just... Blehh. Reserve money giving for high school graduations and bar mitzvahs, stuff like that. The rule where gift cards run out of credit after x amount of time is still really retarded, but if you know you won't use a gift card anytime soon, regift it.


41- your logic makes zero sense. You're spending money for the gift card . :o

YDI for not keeping it where it belonged: in your wallet.