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Today, I went to a movie with a girl I went to high school with. There was a preview for an upcoming 3D movie. I asked her if she had ever seen a 3D movie before. She told me she couldn't because she is blind in one eye. Apparently it's a "sensitive subject." FML
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  JamesGray  |  0

Yeah.. I actually know 2 people who're blind in one eye (one has a glass eye actually), and neither would pull the bitch card if it came up in conversation. So yeah, I wouldn't call you insensitive for that one really. But on the other hand, the way the FML is worded she could have just gotten upset about it/started crying or something like that, so I wouldn't really her a bitch either. In any case, shit deal for the OP - hopefully it's not a big deal in the long run if you actually like her.

  DarkJoy_fml  |  5

Thank you James. I responded to the person that called me insensitive, but my comment is no longer there. So it is nice to see that there are people out there that see where I am coming from. Maybe bitch is too strong of a word, but really she should have acted differently in my opinion or not have brought it up.

  arienh4  |  0

Erm, without 2 eyes, you can't see depth at all, not even in real life. You need to see the difference between what your left and right eyes see.

  crowdish  |  0

Lol, not exactly. Yes, it makes your depth perception poorer to only see out of one eye. But have you ever tried, oh I don't know, closing one of your eyes and looking around? Can you "not see depth at all"?

  Thunderbender  |  2

Yeh somehow my reply got moved to a totatlly different comment, I was talking to the guy who said his girlfriend took him to see a 3D movie when she knew he was blind in one eye.

  babylon_pride  |  0

I can guarantee you that until they come up with a better system, it will not completely take over movies. First off, 3D movies have been around since the early 1900s - over a century, but they still aren't the top movie system out there. They were super popular in the '50s. Then declined. Came back the next decade. Declined again. Came back in the 80s (with movies like Jaws 3-D), went away until 2003. Now they're the big deal, but they're more expensive, only available in big cities, anyone who wears glasses (like myself) has to wear two sets for two hours only to get a headache...

That's like saying all theaters will become Imaxs. You have to understand that the projectors cost a /lot/ more. The cost for the glasses is a lot. People get sick, people get headaches, people just don't like them. They're a novelty. And until someone figures out a way to make them 3D without crappy glasses, I can guarantee you my whole life's savings that they won't just stop making 2D movies.

Honestly, I know I'd rather pay eight bucks than 10.50 to see the same movie, only one involving glasses I need to return that make my head throb after the first forty-five minutes. So. Don't worry. You're not missing anything but the opportunity to be poorer, with a headache, and someone shouting behind you, "Oh my god! It's going to get me!" for two hours straight.

  ani7793  |  0

i have glasses and they dont give me a headache and i have a strong prescription. other than that i agree...except my boyfriend and i kept our hell with giving them back...

By  fmylife006  |  0

jeez, don't you understand why it's an FML? He went to HIGH SCHOOL with her, so don't you think he would know if she was blind in one eye or not? She was obviously faking so she wouldn't have to go to the movies.