Jimin causing drama time!

By Callie - 06/12/2020 20:02 - United States

Today, my daughter got mad at me for saying I didn't really get the appeal of Kpop. She went off at me, saying that I should "stan BTS" or something to that effect. She's 28. FML
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I think you missed the point of the fml. he's not disappointed that she listens to kpop he's disappointed in her reaction to what he said.

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Alright so thing is .... why'd you raise her to be this way?


Yummi_913 18

Alright so thing is .... why'd you raise her to be this way?

OP, It is inevitable that different generations will like different music. It can be a part of a generation’s way it defines itself as different from their parents. I was not enthused by most of my parents music nor they mine and my children likewise had their own tastes. It appears to me that unless you actively follow contemporary artists, most people’s musical tastes freeze at about where they graduated High School or College. There is nothing wrong with this - We all should get to enjoy the music we like. But don’t be surprised when different generations like different music. I find it best to say nothing negative about my children’s music and only comment if I like it. It saves arguments and gives a good example of how I want to be treated

I think you missed the point of the fml. he's not disappointed that she listens to kpop he's disappointed in her reaction to what he said.

I keep getting BTS confused with BTK. Don't know why all these kids are so fired up about a serial killer. And is this related to BDSM?

I understand. I tried dating a girl who was a die hard Kpop fan... Didnt work out... You know why? She could only think about them while being intimate! Seriously... Tf... Hope it gets better for you.

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I love listening to Kpop, but I can’t stand the fandom. I’ve been on the run side of the fans before because of my own opinion. The fandom just can’t take other people’s opinions.

If you're going to "Stan" them, remember the three Golden Rules: 1) Get "Eminem" tattooed across your chest, and fill your room with his posters and pictures. 2) Become unhinged and enraged that Eminem won't reply to your fan mail, despite you writing his address "perfect". 3) Allow your rage to consume you so completely that you put your girlfriend and unborn child in the trunk of your car, tied up, and you drive off a bridge. Hope this helps the two of you reconnect.

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OP, I get you. I'm 28 and I've also been a fan of them for a few years now. So is my mom of her own accord. But from personal experience, their music is really deep. Instead of sex and drugs, they sing about social issues. Poverty, agesism, sexuality, mental health, suicide, violence, confidence, ignoring negativity, hard work, self-love, education, temptations, consumerism, class systems, uncertainty/possibilities of the future, psychoanalysis and self-discovery. They even addressed the Sewol Ferry Disaster, where hundreds of high school students were left to drown by government officials. BTS spoke out against them and even made donations to families victims when other celebrities were too scared for fear of government retaliation. They also spoke out about Jung In, an 8 month old baby girl tortured and killed by her foster parents. Most of them came from very humble beginnings, poverty, a bankrupt company, and yet they remain humble, and never falter in the messages they advocate for. People think that their fandom is made up of "teenage girls", but in reality, that's only about 30% of their fanbase. The rest is made up of men and women 25+. I've even met elderly couples over 80 years old that like the messages they convey. They've made continuous donations to UNICEF, towards ending violence against children and providing medical care for them, to the Korean Cancer Association, the Department of Education, They expressed solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement in the US and donated 1 million dollars (their fanbase matched another 1 million dollar donation in less than 24 hours), COVID 19 (they gave the entire graduating class of 2020 a speech and performance) and are speaking out against Anti-Asian Hate and Violence. They were the youngest recipients of the Order of Cultural Merit from the Korean Government, and youngest recipients of the James A. Van Fleet Award from The Korea Society. The prestigious award is bestowed for contributions to the promotion of US-Korea relations. They were even invited to give a Speech at the United Nations General Assembly twice. They delivered a message of hope and reassurance to encourage people to continue living on despite current hardships. They've inspired connections between fans and outreach, so much so that it feels like meeting long-lost family. BTS ARMY members are constantly making donations, starting ocean cleanups, doing community service, promoting animal conservation....you name it!! All in their name. Talk about positive influence. I've met several suicidal adults inspired to keep living after discovering them, their music, and their messages. So I'd say they're worth a listen. If it's not your cup of tea, then that's the end of it. But age, gender, and sexuality shouldn't determine whether you're wrong for liking them or not. That being said, your child was also disrespectful in going off on you. Stan or not, you are also entitled to tour own opinion. BTS believes in honoring tour parents and she needs to respect that and you.