By kris / Friday 25 April 2014 15:40 / United States - Upland
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  yahoowizard  |  16

No the smart thing to do would be to rejoin and then look for a new place to work. Hard to tell how long it's going to take, and it's best to have a source of income while you search.

By  fivetimeslonger  |  24

That has to be illegal. But tough to fight. :( I'd suggest keep looking for a new job while you work this one to keep your bills paid. You don't deserve to be jerked around like that, no one does.

By  vlalam  |  24

So sorry to hear buddy, but please use it as a backup and find a better one while u r still working there.. Coz u don't know when they would do the same to u again... Good luck buddy