By I have wood - 16/09/2013 21:11 - United States - Stephenville

Today, my room mate told all of our mutual friends that he had walked in on me doing woodwork in my room. They all thought he meant he had caught me rubbing one out. I'm actually building a guitar. FML
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Tell him to stop being such a treble-making bass-hole.

So that's what kids call it now days... Woodwork


Tell him to stop being such a treble-making bass-hole.

MrBoredomioo 18

*Laugh track*

Spider_Web 11

Bass in music is pronounced "base." Basshole would've worked if it was a fishing FML

I'm aware; I'm fucking Beethoven!! You can surpress your sharpness.

those jokes fell flat

So that's what kids call it now days... Woodwork

I just call it masturbating. Or jerkin' the junk 'til it funk. Both are pretty rad.

RedPillSucks 31

Strummin' the ol' bang-jo.

just tell all your friends he left in panic because your "wood" made his look tiny

you wanna be careful when coming into my room cause I might be rubbing one in. that's what you should say!

I dont really see how they would've assumed otherwise... Dirty minded or just different slang where I'm from I guess. Not really an fml

Harshdfml 14

Be glad he generalised it by saying woodwork. Imagine if he would have said something like 'nailing the wood' or 'shaving the wood'. And good luck with your guitar!

^What about sanding your wood? I'm a female and I just cringed.

thatonegirlnic 10

Best revenge? Write a song about it. Works for Taylor every time

About the guitar-building, you mean, not the other thing...right?

Build the guitar first, then OP can add the teardrops. :P

Laugh at the joke. Enthuse about your guitar. Plot payback. :)

You sound like a serial killer..

@21 your pic matches 8's comment.

You could try inviting them over to see your guitar, but something tells me that might just end up making things more awkward.

RedPillSucks 31

Come on in and check out my etch... guitar.

Some friend you have their he sounds like a major douche.

*there And friends fuck with each other all the time. It's not that big of a deal.

Do you have any friends? Because I feel as though you might have lost alot of them if your this uptight..... Friends joke around with each other all the time. When a friend insults you laugh it off then come up with a bigger insult!

#10 exaggerating much? his room mate is just feeling comfortable horsing around with OP and that's what friends do. OP probably laughed at whole situation.

Tell them to get their minds out of the gutter :p

myoukei 31

For a second i misread what you wrote as "tell your friends to get their mind out of the guitar".