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By tech_support - 04/11/2011 16:05 - Sweden

Today, at work, my mouse cursor kept randomly moving all over the screen, and messed up an entire day's attempted work. As I was leaving, I overheard one of my co-workers saying he'd plugged a wireless mouse adapter into my computer, and had been trolling me all day. FML
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stuner56 22

Im sorry but that's funny

I'm sorry, but there IS a time and place for trolling. At work is not one of those places, especially if it screws up a whole day's worth of work and can potentially get the victim fired.


stuner56 22

Im sorry but that's funny

I've been in that position before. I trolled someone but I didn't screw someone's work

Haha my friend did this on April Fools' day to our teacher in the middle of class.

LiveLaughFML 10

mark April 21st, 2012 as your revenge date ;-)

LiveLaughFML 10

* April 1st

ikickgingers 15

I prefer the old tape on the bottom of the optical mouse... Heh heh.

bitchslapped22 14

Did you nickname him the Troll?

I did that to my teacher and he thought it was a virus

Trolling with you??

This is awesome

Stay back late on Friday. After he's gone, drip shrimp/prawn juice into the mouthpiece of his phone handset (on the old ones you could unscrew the mouthpiece and put a whole prawn in there). Get in Monday morning before him. As soon as he reaches his desk, dial his phone number.

Agreed. My teammate/victim thought it was hilarious when it was done to him.

That's how it went down with my co-worker, too.

That's what put it over the line, I think.

Raivyn_Grimm 9

Better yet, do the "The Office" prank. Every other day, put one penny into his phone. He will get used to the slow increase in weight. Then, after a while, take all of the pennies out. Next time he picks up his phone he will smash it into his face.

Great prank! Give him mad props!

You mean "scrolololol"

I'm sorry, but there IS a time and place for trolling. At work is not one of those places, especially if it screws up a whole day's worth of work and can potentially get the victim fired.

If they went the whole day without trying to figure out what was wrong, and looking at the computer (where they would discover the adapter), then this person's an idiot, and they deserve it.

At least there would have been two people wasting a whole days work.

Obviously there isn't that much work to be done if one has the time to do a prank like that and the other doesn't even try to fix the problem so he can do work

bamagrl410 31

38 - I was wondering if anyone else noticed that or not lol

Op should report the asshole for harassment.

Number_Q 0

these comments blow.

someone needs a hug

Hugs make everything better, but unfortunately I think they only work on humans. This guy's a troll.

Yeah they remind me of your mom!

ninjuh_wingman 29

And the troll keeps on trolling.

bamagrl410 31

Don't know why 52 was thumbed down so much. I guess people don't get the reference haha. Thumbs up!

Get him back by getting a wireless keyboard

leadman1989 15

And going to GIANT MIDGET C#%KS dot com!

No go to pen

46 idk what c#%ks are.... But If you were trying to say giant midget cocks It might make sense.

77 you obviously knew what she meant if you were able to determine what she was trying to say, your attempt at being a smart ass was a fail.

Wolveslikepie 4

And 85 your attempt at being a bitch was a success ;) lol

bamagrl410 31

Hahaha 85 fed the troll...

leadman1989 15

Thanks 85 You're awesome... :)

108- Lead you realize 85 called you a female correct?

94, read my profile and that's my response to your comment

Wolveslikepie 4

Umm... yeah, about reading your profile it just makes you look like a bigger bitch which I think is really more of an insult to yourself than a comeback to my comment so.... Yeah have fun with your bitchy ass life. I'll be sure to enjoy a care free bitchless life :P

That just made my day :D

Strafeh 9

Choke him with it...

runforitrun 1

With the "wireless" mouse?

The cord is invisible, silly!

I thought it was wireless.......

JayJayAttackAtta 5

I really hope your talking bout the mouse.....

That just made my day :D