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Today, my stomach started to hurt. When I got home, my parents had company over, which I had to rush past to use the bathroom. After being in the bathroom for about 3 minutes, my mother yells to me from the other room, in front of the guests, "Are you OK in there?" I'm 27. FML
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In her mind you're still just a little kid with a bad stomach

just wait it out. eventually, they have to leave... right?


In her mind you're still just a little kid with a bad stomach

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I don't think moms ever quit worrying about their children.

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Didn't Zyzz, the guy in your display pic, die a few years ago :(?

JustinJK 21

Didn't Zyzz, the guy in your profile pic, die a few years ago :(??

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I don't mean to sound rude but if you live with your parents at 27 what do you expect?

I really don't see a problem with that.. just say you weren't feeling good..

just wait it out. eventually, they have to leave... right?

Well... what if they didn't plan on leaving for another 5 hours? What if they all came for lunch and stayed for dinner and dessert? I don't think OP is properly prepared for a bathroom campout.

At least she cares enough to ask if you're okay

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"Yeah mom! Just taking a shower" turn on shower and continue to use bathroom :)

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OP should have had an Alka-Seltzer bath.

Well what are you doing living with your parents at 27?

At least they didn't overhear any 'noises'.

I wouldn't be too sure about that. I actually think they did hear him and that's why she asked. Wouldn't be much of an FML otherwise.

if you still live at you're mom's house at 27, you're privacy deserved to be violated. Move out!

Do you have any idea how expensive it is to live by yourself?

yea I'm 23 in college furthering my career and work full time. I've lived on my own since 18. did I also mention I'm a single mom of 1 who can't get welfare. he's 27 with probably no kids. I think it's possible.

you have idea OPs situation. maybe they got laid off, or are going through a nasty divorce. I don't think you should judge anyone based on where they are living. sometimes the best way to better yourself IS to live at home, in order to get your ducks in a row.

No one deserves to have their privacy violated ever. Besides, perhaps OP's parents live in her home.

8- You have no idea what OP's situation might be. Maybe she can't afford to live by herself yet, maybe she's going through something (like a divorce as someone has already suggested) and just needs a place to stay for a while, maybe her parents live in *her* house, etc. Also she might not even live with them. My sister is 28 and lives with her boyfriend but when she visits our parents' house she still sometimes refers to it as "home". Anyway, the point is you can't judge OP's situation from a little fml.'re a single mom at 23? Yeah, you're clearly making great life decisions. Stop being such a jerk about other people's lives. Live and let live, man.

It's doable, but you might not be able to have cable, xbox, ipad, BMW..... This world is affordable for a single who tries.

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Ashley most people would look down at the life choices that led you to becoming a single mother at 23. I'm almost 23 and I'm completely dependent on my parents. I'm a full time student who volunteers and actively interns. I'd rather shop, vacation, explore potential interests, party, etc than be raising a child alone. Hopefully at 27 I'll be independent. My brother has been since he graduated college (for the most part). But no one knows where life will lead them. Maybe my fiance and I are looking for a house. maybe I was just laid off. Maybe Im living with them to save up money. Maybe I just came back from the Peace Corps (a very probable situation). Everyone should be allowed basic rights like privacy. Not just you because you think you're entitled to them because you think you work harder than people. Hopefully you'll think twice before making an ignorant comment again. Maybe you should consider other people's life circumstances.

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And what's wrong with living at home at 27? They probably are better off than you are.

Why should you deserve to be on welfare just cause you got knocked up at a young age and can't afford to take care of the kid? That's your fault

I find it interesting that everyone keeps saying op "still" lives at home. Maybe they're going through a divorce or just got laid off or something and is just moved back in there for the year till they get back on their feet. Just because op is living at home doesn't mean she acts like a spoiled child and is using her parents. I'm 28 and "still" live with my parents due to health issues, chronic pain, and being on disability and unable to work or go to school. No sense in judging when you don't know the full story.

You're 27 and still living at home. Deal with it!!

There's nothing to be embarrassed about honestly. Everyone gets stuck in a bathroom eventually. Worst case scenario is in a public bathroom.

Parents...they'll always embarrass you no matter how old you are.