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By nothealthy - 29/03/2016 04:51 - United States - Minneapolis

Today, my sister called after she found out I was hospitalized with surgery complications. Worried about me? Wondering if I'm okay? Nope. Just mad that I texted her an update rather than calling. I didn't call because I had surgery on my throat and can't speak. FML
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alex_the_tiger 14

Shame on you

Hang up and tell her what is going on and that you can't talk.


alex_the_tiger 14

Shame on you

Wait, what? She couldn't talk so she didn't call her. Why you shaming her for?

And the joke goes whooooosh, right over your damn head.

Wow!! Your sister's an idiot

I second that!

maybe she didn't know it was throat surgery

Hang up and tell her what is going on and that you can't talk.

Maybe she was so worried about you that she stopped thinking logically :)

Why didn't you learn sign language that morning and video call her??? YDI, clearly. /sarcasm


Did she know you had throat surgery?

now I know that assumptions are the mother of all **** ups, but given that OP was hospitalised due to previous complications, one would assume that their entire family would know the reason of the original medical condition

I can't be the only one who read that in Flanders's voice.

I read it in his voice too

Your sister is dumb if she's mad at you for a simple thing.

Are you sure that wasn't just her way of reacting to the worry? Some people act very oddly in stressful situations. I hope she calms down and sees sense soon.

Nyattack 14

I never understood people who bitched about somebody texting them "instead of" calling... At least you were updating her... If she wanted to speak to you that badly, she could've come visit you ! (and that way she would have witnessed the fact that you really couldn't talk)

graphicstyle7 17

Sounds like my sister.