By Anonymous - 16/09/2013 17:42 - United States - Buffalo

Today, my son asked me if slavery was ever abolished. He's 19. FML
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Say no and then make him do chores all week.

In his defense, there are still countless slaves in the world.


Maybe you should teach him something lol

3rd Grade? That's Still Kinda Old, I learned it in 1st or possibly kindergarten! But 2nd grade is probably when most people learn it.

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Teach him something by selling him to slavers in a foreign country.

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There is absolutely no way you were taught that in Kindergarten. Third grade seems about right.

14 years old and already sue happy. -_-

Hey, it's not my fault I'm ahead of the curve.

This is not a curve most people would be proud of.

God help us all..this is the future..

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Wouldn't it be something if you could sue the teachers? "My son doesn't know algebra! It's all your fault Mr. Gonads. How could you not teach him this!?" "Well ma'am, your son hasn't been in school for 2 years. If he would have came we would have taught him it." "No, it's your fault for him not being there! He said your name made him laugh and he couldn't concentrate. I'm taking you to court for making my son an idiot!" Ahh, America..

if her son just listened a litlle more in history class than he wouldnt have this. but hey it could be worse, just look at miley cirus

Oh come on! I knew we were getting a bit too quick to pull the lawsuit card, but this is ******* ridiculous!

Yeah.. I don't think you can sue for that...

No because with my parents, I really think Alavert wasn't abolished its just that it's not very easy to find with parents nowadays

Say no and then make him do chores all week.

OP might have been paraphrasing. She didn't use a quote.

I'm amazed you didn't use past tense in your sentence correctly :-)

Tell him they renamed it "having children"

In his defense, there are still countless slaves in the world.

There's still slaves in the world. It's called being in retail. OP's kid is on to something.

Your son seems to have slept through all his history classes OP.

Damn. Maybe he's talking about all countries not just the US?

*shakes head* I don't want to live on this planet anymore....