By Anonymous - 11/01/2012 20:08 - United Arab Emirates

Today, my 18 year old son asked me to check if there were any monsters under his bed. FML
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What if you find any, also did he just play amnesia dark descent because then its understandable


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This is no laughing matter....monsters kill over 1000 people a year. Go ahead google it for yourself.

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Are you sure your facts aren't from Wikipedia

Probably found a few Big Foot, some Lochness Monster, ya kniw the usual.

It'll be funny if you go back to him and say gravely "I found 5 you're going to have to sleep on the floor in the basement."

I don't know. The united arab emirates might have some monsters. A camel spider or a Taliban member or something

Monster hunting is a serious job, A lifetime commitment. You signed up when you conceived your child. Help curve the monster population, Spay or neuter them today.

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Is anyone else reminded of the time on Family Guy where Quagmire has to check for monsters under the producer's bed to get into The Bachelorette? Anyone? No? Maybe I just watch too much tv...

Finding a monster or a human under your son's bed, which is better?

People die from monster attacks this is serious everyone

No all she found was a ticket to the devil inside me

It's true. It's the ones that don't check for monsters that end up dead.

87 when I read your comments I do so in chows voice, it instantly makes everything you say hilarious.

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That was a good movie till the end.

Or just slay them. Get a great sword or bowgun and they die pretty easy.

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OP, I don't think your son is 18.

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And what evidence do you have?

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OP. I think your son is on drugs.

37- Drugs? What drugs? Who's got some drugs?

39- are all of your comments going to use Santa Claus references?

Pretty sure OP would know how old their son is ... Child at heart still?

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I check my room for monsters of the human variety every night!

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Lol. I kinda know how OPs son probably feels. Cause as soon as i turn my room light off at night to go to sleep, i sprint towards my bad o_o Unconsciusly thinking somethings gonna attack me :P

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jimmy crack corn and i dont care, he has crack and he won't share!!

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And why the **** should i care? :D

And that goes to show how messed up the world is (;

This is your sons way of admitting he is a ******

I doubt that. Ops said nothing about that. Though he could of went to the washers for that.

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What if you find any, also did he just play amnesia dark descent because then its understandable

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That game scares the living shit out of me...

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Beating that game took all my courage i screamed so much i almost lost my man card

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I feel as if... You want me to smoke...

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Gee ma the peaches sure are Comin in mighty early this year SMOKE

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5- After playing it I started losing my voice from all the screaming I did. -.-

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#5 with the family guy pic and #131 with the family guy reference. Lol nice.

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I refused to play it, outright. The trailer gave me nightmares. One of my brothers actually finished it, but he's already got insomnia so I guess he figured nightmares wouldn't be a problem.

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Your using my toys to get kids addicting to smoking SMOKE not now jerry

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171- It's fun and all but if you get frightened easily, do NOT play it, I got so freaked out by it I could barely get to sleep for a week!

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Whose grammar btw! You? Should/ Go Back 2 ur! Concentrating kamp??? Grammar Nazi

Instead of making a post here, go and try to turn him into a man, you have already wasted 18 years if he still asks you this.

You have no substantiated reason to indicate that OP is a bad parent. Shame on you.

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I think he meant the monsters where checking under their bed for chuck norris

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If Chuck Norris was after the kid he'd be dead by now

tell him "yes. very scary one's that will eat you while you're asleep." if he cries, ya'll need a therapist.

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Good idea!!!! Haha I would so do that!

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If you could do that then your a **** cuz your 15 -.-

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