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  Gamaryn  |  0

Monster hunting is a serious job, A lifetime commitment. You signed up when you conceived your child.

Help curve the monster population, Spay or neuter them today.

  Damn_Hippster  |  11

Is anyone else reminded of the time on Family Guy where Quagmire has to check for monsters under the producer's bed to get into The Bachelorette? Anyone? No? Maybe I just watch too much tv...


Lol. I kinda know how OPs son probably feels. Cause as soon as i turn my room light off at night to go to sleep, i sprint towards my bad o_o
Unconsciusly thinking somethings gonna attack me :P

  diidiimi  |  10

I refused to play it, outright. The trailer gave me nightmares. One of my brothers actually finished it, but he's already got insomnia so I guess he figured nightmares wouldn't be a problem.