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Today, my mum got engaged to her American pen-pal, who is in prison over there for murder. FML
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Stheno tells us more.

Sorry it took so long to write back I didn't know my FML got posted :) Now to explain a little. It turns out his trail wasn't fair and the reason he was found guilty was because his cell mate made a deal to get out of being sentenced if he lied about my step father admitting to murdering someone. His da also turned out to be an alcoholic. There is no evidence connecting my step father of the murder and now we're working on getting him released :)

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Sir_ND_Pity 35

He must be a killer romantic. No? I'll show myself out.

Disgusting how some women go for murderers. Or rapists. These women are twisted inside.


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I wonder why some women get so attracted to men who kill or have evil intentions. Like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, for instance. Everyone thought he was "too handsome" to be a murderer...

Disgusting how some women go for murderers. Or rapists. These women are twisted inside.

\ 28

I wonder why some women get so attracted to men who kill or have malicious intentions. Like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, for instance. Lotta girls thought he was "too handsome" to be who he was...

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Honestly, I think it has to do with pity. People have a way of twisting words to gain empathy, and I would think criminals are better at this than most. He would have played the "misunderstood nice guy" card, and said he really isn't a bad person. Their victims fall under their spell.

perdix 29

#28, wouldn't their victims be corpses?

ravenh1979 13

So have to agree with u on that!! Smh

Plot from a comedy skit from the Catherine Tate Show...

But according to "Shawshank Redemption" -- they are all innocent in there.

It's like what Joker did to Harley Quinn. She felt bad for him and was blinded by his lies. Women do like to change the guys they date.

jips5793 10

Lots of women go for assholes. I'm an asshole, and women throw themselves at me.

24 - What are you saying? Plenty of nice guys are in a relationship. Plenty of bad guys aren't.

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#90, but when lousy girls go after nice guys, the relationships almost never last.

Llama_Face89 33

Harley Quinn is a villian all by herself. She just also happens Joker's girlfriend. Plus, Joker is a funny guy and chicks dig guys with a sense of humor. Joker is also very sexy with his green hair and pale skin.

RoseFox0029 22

Actually, if you look into her backstory, she didn't become a villain until she fell for the Joker.

EmsyyyRose13 24

104: No. Harley was a psychologist at Arkham Asylum, and Joker played the "misunderstood and abused as a child" card. She then fell for it, and Joker abuses her. It's similar to Stokholm Syndrome. Harley is my favorite villian, and Joker is a crazy asshole.

98 - I assume you've never been in a long term relationship huh?

MerrikBarbarian 9

I love everyone brings up Harley Quinn here. That was my instant thought too. These type of men (and women too, though the type is much more prevalent in men) are master seducers. I have known a few of this type. Even being a psych grad and aware of that type and what they are doing, they were still able to charm me. I knew it was an act but it still evoked very real emotions. As a psych grad myself I can absolutely understand how Harley fell for the Joker. Awareness can sometimes lessen the effect of some approaches they might use, but it enhances others.

#34 I think by "victims" he was referring to the mom of OP. However she isn't a victim if she's willingly in this relationship.

timmy257 8
Sir_ND_Pity 35

He must be a killer romantic. No? I'll show myself out.

I'm sure that if OP tried to reason with her and get her to stop seeing him, she's say "Over my dead body!"

flockz 19

hopefully her craziness won't force him to give her the cold shoulder.

ravenh1979 13

Yikes!! I'd be sleeping with one eye open!! For sure!! Yes ppl do change.. But a murderer?? Wouldn't take that chance!! No way!!

Metal_Avenger 9

'Urngland ladies love 'Muricans

Who pronounces England like that? The Murica one works because rednecks say that. And yes, I am from England. A better equivalent to Murica would be a "ingerlund!"

I'm pretty sure they're already far away, judging by the fact that OP is not from the same country as the boyfriend/killer.

They are not even on the same continent. Running isn't necessary. But a spaceship to Mars is

krazayman 18

I predict you making a future FML about this when he's living with you

#95 that case about the teacher only being sentenced to a month makes me sick. Is that the same one where the judge said that the girl had just as much control as the man did and could have prevented her rape? Either way, it's infuriating how rapists get such short sentences, while other crimes like vandalism and hacking can get you 10+ years.

100, Actually that was a politician that said that. The same guys that said that pregnancies do not result from rape if the girl "doesnt want it".

That makes my skin crawl, 107. The idea that the victim of a horrible crime is somehow to "blame" makes me want to punch people. I broke up with an ex the moment he said "but a lot of rape victims deserve it because they wear slutty clothing." That poor girl, justice failed her.

The way that the justice system works makes me sick. Did you hear about the Stanford rape victim? If you didn't, then there was a girl in Stanford who was found being raped by a college student behind a skip by two cyclists. It gained a lot of media attention because of the brutality of it. The poor woman was passed out the entire time and only found out about her rape when she woke up in hospital and they told her what had happened before performing a very long and extremely invasive exam before letting her go. At the court case, the rapist was only sentenced to six months because his father didn't want 'twenty minutes of not thinking' to ruin the rest of his life, not giving a single thought to the poor, poor woman who was drugged, dragged behind some dumpsters and brutally raped. The woman who will have to live with the inevitable trauma, the PTSD, the trust issues. The feeling of being violated. But, y'know, some white kid might get a boo boo in jail so no biggie.

I'm sure he's just misunderstood. *obvious sarcasm*

You're not an American if you haven't taken a life.

#38: Return to the hole whence you crawled.