By Sarah - 12/06/2011 00:54 - United States

Today, I saw my brother on TV after 3 years of no contact. He was being arrested on Cops. FML
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you should be proud of him! I love that show :D


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He touched the drumset, didn't he

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his bad-ass-ness far exceeds the OP's, don't be hatin OP

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let me guess he wanted to be on tv? :)

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Hahahha my favorite show everrr!!!!

52 - You clearly have never watched good TV programs.

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91 why does op have to be black plenty of white people get arrested on cops

#92 Look at his picture. It should explain alot.

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95, oh're the one to talk.. *shudders*

95 it does help and 96 you are also veryyyy correct

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im almost positive that cops is staged

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why were you watching cops? was his last phone call used telling you to turn on the T.V? ydi for watching -.-

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130 : How is OP the idiot because she was watching Cops..? Explain further.

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I feel like I will be in OPs position one day soon

Does this FML related to the "Today , my son it to live out his dream of being on tv ... he was arrested for robbing a bank." FML that was posted earlier ?

Um wow let me correct that ... *Is this FML related to the "Today , my son *got to live his dream of being on tv ... he was arrested for robbing a bank." FML that was posted earlier

180- thats what I thought when I read this too

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what episode was it? and which one was he?

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haha, at least he's a famous criminal versus's he's just a criminal, right?

I could see OP's reaction! "Haha look at that jackass......wait....oh shit that's my brother"!!!

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99 op clearly stated that his brother was the one being arrested.

it says he was arrested on cops so unless their arresting their own pretty safe to say he was the criminal

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you should be proud of him! I love that show :D

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he probably thought if he can pull it off on grand theft auto he can do it in real life...gotta love video-games oh and cop chase scenes!

you can take the man out of the trailer but you can't take the trailer out of the man

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why does he have a trailer inside of him? (joking)

Well there's your answer of where he is.

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6 - it doesnt matter what size they are, your never going to get to see them anyway. shut up.

actually im interested too, hopalong here (my bunny)has an idea but its hard to tell

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very very cu.... nvm I'm not a fag

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Yeah, he has been in jail for the last three years. He is still waiting for you to bail him out. He tried to call but you did not accept the collect call.


huh bad boys whats ya want wacha gonna do

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Add "Charismatic TV Personality" to his list of accomplishments.

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See #17 for the silver lining of this story.

when life is looking rotten, there's something you've forgotten- and that's to smile and laugh and dance and sing! soooo always look on the bright side of life [whistle whistle whistle] always look on the light side of life