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Today, my sister got me in deep trouble at the store I worked security for. She "dropped by to say hi" and stole a bunch of things when I wasn't looking. I wasn't arrested, due to lack of any evidence. But my boss didn't care about evidence and fired me anyway. FML
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I'd just report him to the cops, teach her a lesson.

Call the cops or go to your sisters work and get her fired


I'd just report him to the cops, teach her a lesson.

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What are the cops going to do if there's no evidence?

There was no evidence that HE stole anything. Should we have all th items she stole

She would**

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They would need a search warrant. To get one the police would need to prove to a judge that the items are there and the person has committed the crime. With no evidence other than heresay from OP, it's not likely to happen.

Along with testimony from the brother he could get the items from her himself and say "my sister was the one who stole all the items, here they are" You're thinking way too much into this.

mds9986 24

So you show up red handed with stolen items and just say they were stolen by someone else with no proof? Yeah, no. OPs best bet is to cut his sister out of his life and not try to get some sort of revenge. Her lifestyle will catch up to her on its own.

You over simplified what I meant in the quotation marks, I can't be bothered to type out a whole scenario for a hypothetical situation that will probably never happen just to try and prove you wrong. I think there is a lot more he can do than just roll over and let his sister get away with it. Plus cutting your sister out of you life is a lot harder said than done. Agree to disagree Xx

*Hypothetical Situation* 'Imagine you have a sibling and they get you fired in the same manner. You would take legal action.' Is that what I'm reading or are you not being clear enough?

Call the cops or go to your sisters work and get her fired

Why not both? *queue music*

Take it up with HR OP, that wasn't fair

Technically, it is fair. He works security. He didn't keep the place secure. He's got an awful sister, but he also failed at the job he was paid to do.

100% fair. Shitty. But fair

File for unemployment. Even in a right to work state, employers almost always have to have a paper trail and proper reasoning for firing someone, except for in cases of gross negligence. That's why people get write ups and so on. Make them pay for firing you.

This situation sounds like gross negligence though

haha sure, on paper they have to. My company owed me over $1000 in back-pay and safety equipment i'd bought myself and was told I'd be reimbursed for. When I brought it up with my project manaager he claimed they were up to date on pay roll, that he never told me I would be reimbursed and that I never gave him the receipts that I most certainly did hand to him in person. Small company, so I went to the owner and then back to the project manager. 3 days later, with no warning my project manager fired me, over the phone no less, and to top it off he refused to give me a reason why other than "it's just not working out." When I went in to talk to the owner the next day he said the reason was the project manager didn't like my attitude. Talked to the manager on the way out and he said it's cuz i was always late (never a day late at this company) and when unemployment was denied (after the owner said he would put it down as a lay off since this was 3 weeks before christmas with 2 kids) the reason listed was excessive cell phone use on the job. I never carried my phone on the job until my manager told me to because i did a lot of weekend work and he needed to be able to talk to me. The only phone call I ever took on the job was from him. Short story long: companies can do whatever the hell they want.

They could just say that they fired OP because they completely failed at their job as a security guard, which would be a completely valid reason. Also, I think Louisiana is at will employment, they don't need a reason to fire someone.

#26, FYL. Idiocy is a rampant disease, and nobody is safe from the effects

FML for sure, but at the same time it's good to be rid of that toxic excuse for employment. Shitty way to go but glad to move on from it.

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I'm not saying that you should disown your sister but it's obvious she not straight in the head and need to be taught a valuable lesson.

I smell revenge.

You should have a talk with your sister to see if she'll return them, and then have her apologize to your old boss for wasting their time. It might get you your job back, especially since it wasn't your fault in the first place.

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That'll make it worse. They'll simply use it as evidence against you.

Kill her

To be fair to your boss, maybe he didn't fire you because you were related to the shoplifter but because you let Someone shoplift a bunch of stuff right under your nose which is kinda the opposite of a security guards job?

You have a very valid point.

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But who would expect their sister to steal from a store you're working at? Unless she has a history of shoplifting of course.

They might not even know op's sister is the thief. It's like this: things got stolen under a security guards watch. I get the feeling the loss was big. Do you fire the security guard? Logic points to yes. It really sucks for op, I wouldn't say they deserve it because, as you said, why would they expect the sister to steal? But I can't exactly blame the boss for firing them.

Report her to the cops, she needs to learn somehow