By kprince - 08/05/2013 14:00 - United States - Northridge

Today, I was singing horribly in the shower. Without me knowing, my sister recorded my singing and set it as my ringtone. My phone rang in class and everyone heard it. My new nickname is American Idol. FML
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Perhaps you should turn off your ringer in class.

1)Put it on YouTube 2)Millions of likes 3)Get noticed 4)??????? 5)Profit


I would've kicked the shit of her if I was you

you deserved it for not turning your phone off in class

It's more of a you deserve it for singing in the shower while others are capable of hearing you

1- I wouldn't have if I was her because then she'd have to take another shower. On top of that OP's sibling may get a take 2.

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I think OP deserves it because she should have her phone on vibrate, silent, or off while in class. we've been taught this since high school.

OMG that's sad i feel bad for u! I'm sure ur not that bad.

R u positive u no not evry1 kan sing? N e way shi shldn't hav her fone on n class...

11- I realize you are new to FML and I am the last person to correct anyone about grammar or spelling, but I feel compelled to respond to your comment. To avoid thumbs down (which I will probably get myself for this comment) or rude replies to future comments, please spell out your words so people who are not well versed in "text" jargon can understand what you are saying. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Welcome to FML, we all hope your journey with us is enjoyable. Have a nice day. :)

My word, what manner of butchery have you performed on the English language #11? I assume it is English and you didn't just headbutt the keyboard in such a way as to have left that unintelligible mess above?

#11 I can't really think of anything clever to say here, but your comment made me sick. "kan"? Wtf? It's not like you're saving any space by replacing the C with a K. Dear Lord, that was a train wreck.

Have you people never heard of a joke? My goodness...

RedPillSucks 31

We usually like our jokes to be funny. Having said that, I did think that you were trying to poke fun at #2

Well normally I don't ridicule stupid people, but with a username like "GoneClubbin" he was just asking for it! Guess I'm a little rusty at commenting here, sorry.

23- jokes are always allowed and welcomed but your response to #2's comment or even the actual FML was irrelevant. There wasn't anything in the FML about poor spelling or grammar. Now if you spelled a lyric incorrectly, that might have worked. Actually... forget it, that wouldn't have worked either.

It was a direct reply to what 2 said, how is that not relevant?

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Yeah, 23, I got the joke as soon as I read it. I can see how others didn't though.

I'm not sure you understood the joke..

#36, don't worry about the thumbs, the smart people got it.

I'm guessing #11 was being sarcastic.

1)Put it on YouTube 2)Millions of likes 3)Get noticed 4)??????? 5)Profit

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I love number 4 on your guide to Internet fame haha.

Unfortunately her Youtube career might just be an addition to an RWJ video

The sister probably already has, and is making some $$ on it by now. *searches youtube* Which one are you, OP?

Thanks to her, you class discovered your talent :)

Perhaps you should turn off your ringer in class.

alphatoomega 21

^this. YDI for not turning off your phone in class.

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OP's sister may have turned the ringer on. I personally never check if my ringer is on because I never leave it on. It may be a stretch, but you never know.

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That's embarrassing, good luck with your singing

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Siblings are like that. Make sure before you go to school to check if your phone is on vibrate. But that's pretty embarrassing, OP. FYL indeed.

At least she didn't record you masturbating or having sex.