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Today, my sister found out she contracted ringworm and scabies from her best friend's rescued kittens. The entire family now has to be treated to prevent it from spreading. There are 7 people in our house and none of us have health insurance. FML
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I'd vote her off the island.

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but it's all worth it cuz the kittens, right?


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#7- Clever, real original hahaha

26, yeah, because those damn illegals are the only ones in the whole wide world that don't have insurance. Very logical.

make your sister sleep in the basement lol

-26 Go back in Rush Limbaugh's closet bro.

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haha I don't have health insurance either and I broke my foot when I was out. when I called my dad he yelled "God damn it!" and hung up the phone... sorry OP

today, i got scabies from a cat. my dad killed the cat and made me sleep in the doghouse.

31, you are right, they could be aliens sent to kill us all... I must say I never expected a biological attack, it like using water to kill a fish. Genius! I vow.

oh the joys of free healthcare in Canada. :)

yeah, canada ha free healthcare, but you have to wait two to three times as long to get treated. you might either be healed or dead by the time you get ur prescription filled

I usually die before my prescriptions are filled.

Uh, you clearly have no idea about that which you talk. Wait times every time I've gone to the ER, or hospital, or doctor have been fine.

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Maybe 26 was talking about the cats. . . you never know with those pesky animals.

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I dunno how much treating it costs, but my brother got the same stuff from wrestling. All you have to do is apply this topical stuff you get like once or twice and you're done.

My comment was to 178. Forgot to add that.

lol at 164....he said "another" aahahha wats the other mooses? lawlllll

Just to clear up the matter... I live in Canada and I've never had to wait for more than a few hours in the emergency room for non-urgent care, and while some may have to wait months for specialist appointments (which obviously OP would not need for her treatment, any GP could get on that), people with urgent healthcare issues do not. People here aren't dying because they can't see a doctor in time, and, even better, no one stays sick because they can't afford to get better. Canada FTW.

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but it's all worth it cuz the kittens, right?

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then I pick up the remains and throw them in a grinder

Duude **** the kittens your gonna be working ur ass off to pay off the medical bills.. they wayy to overpriced in amarica!!. but that sucks bro/sis.. make her pay?..

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corrections, in order of appearance: *you're *your *they're *America also how is it the friend's fault that the kittens had parasites?

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Well, this actually was one of my first times:)

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Eh. Who cares? We're all here to laugh at the misfortunes of others anyway.

Kittens are officially turned to the dark side

13, treatment is still expensive with insurance. Sad sad world.

enonymous 8

Applying Maple Syrup, tea and crumpets to the wound.... oh right australia.... vegemite and also feeding your baby to a dingo... does not mean you have insurance and does not take the pain away

It's those damn kittens that will kill us all!

proxxX069069 7

but kitty's are so cute! why the kitty's?! why?!!!!

tsume24 3

77: why? it's just a piece of synthetic opal.

proxxX069069 7

theyre cute tho! like your tongue piercing c:

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I'd vote her off the island.

Aw the only time kittens dont bring joy and I love kitties :( FYL

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I literally lold at your pic.

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Sounds like a good PPV. 7 family members... 1 health insurance plan contract. Winner take all... there can be only one!! Dana white... make it happen

This is why Health Insurance is expensive... Until you need it.

It's those damn kittens that are going to cause our death.

where I live, it's free to go to the hospital, be in the hospital and even surgery are free.( surgery you need if you have an accident or get sick or something) you don't need health insurance, so no matter you are poor or Rich, you Get the same treatment. i'm so glad im from norway! so fyl and ydi for not having health insurance!!!

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^**** no. I'm not paying for someone else's health care.

I agree with 234, health insurance is a luxury item, country is getting a bit crowded for my taste. best to start weeding out the sick first