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Today, I was at my doctor's office. I thought I had a kidney stone. Turns out I'm pregnant and I have a kidney stone. FML
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I_R_Genius 3

Kidney stones are a bitch to pass, especially for guys. It hurts so bad, it's like the guy form or giving birth.


congrats on the kidney stone at least you dont have to feed and clean that. ohh wait you're pregnant...sssssssss

Kidney stones supposedly do not hurt very much for women to pass because you have such short Urethras. Also, men have more hemoglobin in their blood, causing it to crystalize much more, so basically, it's longer and harder for men to pass. Suck it up.

I_R_Genius 3

Kidney stones are a bitch to pass, especially for guys. It hurts so bad, it's like the guy form or giving birth.

Suuure. I can't wait to see the replies to this from women with children.

ohthebloodygore 16

4, haha that made me laugh. I've done both and I say kidney stones are worse! That's my opinion though.

Really? :O My bad then. But without pain killers? :| When I was 7 I witnessed my mother giving birth to my little brother and it was truly traumatizing how much she screamed :

Kidney stones are more painful. It is NOT the male equivalent of giving birth since it is equally unpleasant for men and women. Sorry but that's a pet peeve of mine. There is no male equivalent to pregnancy full stop.

EngineerJane 0

As if a woman would know what its like being hit in the balls. Atleast we can have pain killers for giving birth while being hit can happen at any moment and nothing to stop the pain.

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It works both ways. Women may not know the pain of a nut shot but men don't know the pain of childbirth. One of mine lasted over a day, there were complications, and I couldn't take pain meds. I've never heard of a ball kick pain lasting that long or leading to blood and stitches but I'm willing to concede I can't compare the pain, no one can definitively so it's not worth debating.

Well i have a feeling that child birth hurts alot more than being hit in the "nuts". But whateverrrr.

This sort of conversation always seems to come up when there is an FML about kidney stones. Men, you don't know the pains women go through — vice-versa. Nobody will EVER know, until mankind creates some sort of device which can transform you into the opposite sex. Now shut the hell up! In any case, I think childbirth overrules them all.

cherry72 13

I don't think it's funny and I don't understand why society thinks it's funny. I am female and I have sympathy for men when that happens and would never do that to a guy no matter how pissed I was.

summerguy97 16

-63- cluster headaches are actually the most excruciating pain someone experiences.

#48 have you ever been kicked in the ******? because it hurts. a lot. Have you ever given birth? Have you ever experienced your genitals ripping and needing stitches? no? shut up then...and while you're at it, learn to spell please, it makes reading your idiotic sentances easier :)

#87 I got kicked in the nuts with cleats, you ever had your genitals forcibly leave your body, then get sewn back in? No? Shut up then

tykiej 0

I've had a kidney stone and a baby. I'd rather go through childbirth. Just saying.

FYLDeep 25

Yeah, but they are supposed to hurt more for guys than girls. Just saying.

Possibly just because men generally have a lower threshhold for pain than women. There is really no way to measure and compare the pain of every person who's passed a stone. I've known some men who had few problems and some women left prostrate and bleeding. It just depends on the stone.

styphon 5

or because the male urethra is much longer than the females

^ exactly what I was thinking!! going through kidney stone is much longer for men, therefor if you add up the pain it hurts more! ;)

....Men have a lower pain threshold? Are you on crack? I'm sorry, but that is just wrong on so many levels.

antoniasiddall 5

Proven fact. Look it up before talking crap.

Dumb ass. Do some basic research before talking.

dezinspaaace 0

damn, not really and fml for the pregnancy. you should be thankful, many people would give anything for a baby. but fyl on the kindey stone yo. hopefully nothing will happen to you and the baby. :/

I take issue with the "you should be thankful" part. everyone is different. maybe she's not financially stable, or she's just not ready for a child. in those cases I would personally have a hard time being thankful for my pregnancy.

Many people would be thankful with shoulder-length brown hair but does that mean you should never cut or dye yours? Or can you see that what other people might enjoy has no effect on you? OP could be in any one of a dozen situations I can think of at the top of my head where having a child would not be a blessing. Please think before you comment before the comments end up getting closed.

She's not ready to have a baby? That's too bad! She should had planned better. FHL

6, and that's why she should give birth to an unwanted baby? Like, because other people can't do it and she can? That's bullshit. BULLSHIT.

"many people would give anything for a baby" Yeah, like your plans for your life, your time, your money, and your body's resources. I, however, don't have to. I just walk into hospital nurseries, put a viking helmet on the one I sense is the strongest, and leave with it.

Anything things that shows a sign of life and love is a blessing there is no exception!

Randuhh_17 4

#8-Well maybe she should be more safe. #52-Just like I said to #8, she should've been more careful if that's the case. This disgust me, people like that. If you can't use safe sex, or handle the consequences of NOT using safe sex, then maybe she should keep her legs closed.

She should give it up for adoption if she doesn't want a baby. I think thats what the original comment poster meant. Because some people would do anything for a baby, so they try to get an adoption. Its incredibly difficult.

No one said she didn't use protection the condom could've broke

#56, that's the best comment I've ever read

KiwiExchange 16

Dangg, that's all I've got to say mate, sucks.

Cool, combined diagnosis: only one Dr. visit. Way to save money.

pwincessa23 1

this is just like the show "I didn't know I was pregnant", but the lady was in labor & didn't have a kidney stone.