By Anonymous - Denmark
Today, I found out that people can get ringworm from cats. I found out because I have ringworm. I don't have a cat. Then I remembered I helped a friend move about two weeks ago, and spent the night sharing a bed with her cat. That's the last time I ever help her move. FML
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By  Ashame  |  0

How do you know you got it from your friends cat? You can get ringworm plenty of ways, and it would be pretty hard not to notice that on a cat anyways.

  MidgetMonster  |  0

Uh yeah, it's not exactly subtle when a cat (or any animal) has ringworm. They itch uncontrollably, lose their fur, and develop massive open sores from constant itching. It's bloody, scabby and scary, and is difficult to treat.

  Tikwichka  |  5

Tizzzy - When the original poster comments on their FML, there is blue ribbon to the right. Just like the moderators have a red ribbon by their comment.

  Karysma  |  6

Actually, if the cat has just recently contracted ringworm, then only sign is losing patches of hair. I have cats and one got outside, brought ringworm in and gave it to me. Didn't even realize he had it until I noticed a small bare spot on his ear. By then, he already passed to me!

By  FYLDeep  |  25

Well what the hell is she doing either not telling you that her cat has ringworm, or being a shitty cat owner that doesn't even know that her cat has ringworm?