By Anonymous - 14/9/2020 20:01


Today, aside from clearing out my bank accounts and having an affair, the kicker was finding out my fiancé planned on taking himself and his mistress to Cancun for his birthday, while I would be attending the Marine Corps boot camp. FML
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By  coius  |  23

Sadly, if he had any full permissions to use a shared account, what he did was legal (I did this myself to me and my ex-wifes account when I found out she was cheating on me while she was at work). The kicker I did was pull all the money right after her job deposited her income check digitally, screwing her by withdrawing all $3300 of the account and shutting it down. Interesting talk I had with the bank manager while he tried to find out if what I was doing was illegal or against bank rules. My Ex wasn’t very smart. I walked away with EVERYTHING in the divorce. All property, money, cars, etc. held a party with friends and burned all her clothes in a bonfire (yup, took that too! I had bought all the Victoria Secret underwear with MY credit card, so technically, it was mine to do with as I pleased). Sorry this happened, but may I suggest making his life a living hell by suing his ass?

By  Rusty Armstrong  |  13

it's always better to break things off before an extended absence. none of my battle buddies were able to make a long distance relationship work. I just leads to hurt feelings because someone always cheats. it's hard to resist when you're lonely, especially if you're worried the other is probably cheating anyway