By Anonymous - 21/10/2014 15:37 - Australia

Today, my parents told me off for reading, as opposed to watching TV like the rest of the family, because it was "anti-social". FML
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have you seen Matilda?

Sigh. This is what's wrong with this culture. Read on, OP! Your superior intellect and vocabulary will pay dividends.


they ain't wrong, I mean you aren't with anybody

Some one don't not spoke well . Not that I'm one to talk.

13, should've reread what I wrote haha

Extreme nitpicking right there, @13.

Happens to everyone. Hope you didn't take any disrespect. From the comment above . Edit #39 It was an attempt at a joke sorry for the confusion .

have you seen Matilda?

thats exactly the first thing i thought when i read this fml

It's more likely OP's read 'Matilda' :)


Go pick up a ton of books from the library and have your teacher adopt you (:

It makes me happy that other people first thought of Matilda, as did I. :)

#12- Yessss! Same! I thought of that movie immediately xD

kamryno 22

Do you happen to have telekinesis?

Literally about to say that

Lol, my first thought was, "Sounds like something from Matilda." Looks like we're all on the same page, or movie here. Haha.

haha that's what i thought :')

Thats exactly what i was thinking! Haha :P

Do you mean, "Have you read Matilda?"?

that's exactly what I thought

"Be a good wormwood!"

Sigh. This is what's wrong with this culture. Read on, OP! Your superior intellect and vocabulary will pay dividends.

I'm guilty of being the anti-social one in the family and I feel your pain OP!

PoisonOrchid 21

Unfortunately, that's probably not true. It's likeability and connections that pay off nowadays. Not talet, intelligence and vocabulary.

meggieeeee92 27

My aunt has accused me of this before as well. And doesn't understand why I spend so much money on books instead of just watching tv. Some people don't know how to appreciate a good book.

Watching TV is anti-social if you watch it alone

Steve95401 49

Watching television is also anti-social if you only talk during commercial breaks.

jeffandjeff 22

Tell them they're right and ask for $20. Then go read somewhere else.

Then use your telekinesis to fuck shit up.

How does that make sense

#11 its a movie reference. Ever watched "Matilda"?

Literacy and intelligence will prevail op. Join a book club?

T_Young96 13

I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots. Einstein ?

By any chance, is your name Matilda?

I feel like this is becoming more and more common. FYL.