By cray12 - 20/10/2014 08:00 - United States

Today, while doing physical therapy exercises for my broken leg, I managed to throw my back out. Now I can neither walk nor sit up. FML
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cray12 tells us more.

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Thanks for making me laugh with some of these comments. The back thing is an old injury that flairs up every so often for a few days, it just had terrible timing. As for the leg....well it's getting better pretty quickly (is 2 months quick for a broken bone?) thanks to my physical therapist and an awesome surgeon that pieced my broken tibia together. Now I just have to learn my lesson and not get on an ATV that my brother is driving ever again. But on the bright side I get to laugh at all the FML's and get a couple of months off of work.

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I guess you took, "put your back into it" too seriously

I'm going to hell for laughing at this.


I'm going to hell for laughing at this.

I'm sorry, OP.

You're not the only one #1. Sorry to hear that OP. Keep working at it!

I guess you took, "put your back into it" too seriously

Hey, just walk it off...

Sounds like you just don't have much of a backbone.

Your profile pic went perfect with your comment!

gary8082 14

..or a leg to stand on.

Don't you have a physiotherapist watching over you?

Sometimes people are so out of shape after surgery/injuries it surprises PT's what can injure them. I've spent many years in therapy rooms and I can honestly say it's shocking.

Clients in outpatient clinics are typically given an HEP (home exercise program) of basic exercises, so the things that do require more skilled therapy can be focused on while at the clinic.

Ouch! That must hurt..

tony1891 22

no actually it felt great. geez

After you heal up you should try and get 'back' to it.

ouch that sucks, hope you get better soon op!

shellyluv 23

Talk about bad luck. I feel for you.

Don't you mean "back" luck?

Is seems worse than being paralyzed...

Don't worry you will eventually come 'back' from this :)