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Today, I realized I hate my boyfriend's little sister enough to break up with him. FML
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well if you really loved your boyfriend you wouldnt even consider dumping him an option. sorry, but it sounds like whether you hate his sister or not, the relationship won't work.

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Dang sorry OP. Maybe you could try talking with your boyfriend about it or at least explain to him why you are breaking up with him.


Definitely not a YDI. The little sister might be a total pain in the ass but he can't do anything about it "because she's family" so OP, you do you and dump him if his little sister impacts you that much. If you really care about him though have the courtesy to tell him what's the matter, maybe he can place some limits on the sister when you're there.

I don't think its YDI. Since its his sister its a whole lot more complicated. but as #33 said. Tell him about it. Maybe he can do something the make it better, or like someone I know, just avoid her and stay away. Works for some :P

if you really love somebody, nothing should be able to get between you. if something can, then u dont really love. so ydi.

I used to think the same way, but I have seen marriages break up over family members being deadbeats, thieves, bigots, or just assholes. Everyone has a breaking point, and given that it's pretty difficult to cut family members out of your life (even if one or more of them are awful people), ending the relationship is probably the best course of action for OP.

All I meant was, I wanted to know what his sister was like

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Dang sorry OP. Maybe you could try talking with your boyfriend about it or at least explain to him why you are breaking up with him.

You think it'll soothe his pain to hear OP talk shit about his sister?

"It's not you. It's... well, your sister."

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You shouldn't let others dictate how you feel girl! Brush that off.

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If you're strong minded & not easily distracted you can...

Your mum just died. Better brush it off, great logic #40

agreed, she just needs to not pay his sister any attention and yes #40 if my mom died I would have to brush it off reasonably quick so I don't have clouded emotions dictating my life. but those situations are incomparable nonetheless

Just talk to him about it! If he cares about you, he'll do something!

Do something? The little sister's family. He can't just 'do' something about her.

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#39 is so right. I had the same problem with an ex's little sister. She wasn't that much younger than me, only like two years, and she drove me insane! One time we got in a huge fight, and my ex did try, it's just not much you can do arguing with family.

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what can he do? maybe OP just doesn't like her personality and that's something that really can't be helped.

well if you really loved your boyfriend you wouldnt even consider dumping him an option. sorry, but it sounds like whether you hate his sister or not, the relationship won't work.

Perhaps it's because she did really love her bf that she didn't want to him to hate her for not liking his sister, sometimes calling it quits before you royally **** up is for the best.

I see what you are saying, but 32 also has a great point. There are marriages where one spouse has a family member that can completely ruin the marriage. As 32 said, it could be a drug addict, a thief, or something else. The problem can be when the spouse basically chooses their family member over their spouse and the spouses feelings and need for space. For example, if there was a family member (a brother let's say) that did drugs and was homeless and stuff and the husband lets his brother live at their house all the time and the brother causes major problems, then yes, it's conceivable that the wife would want to break it off with her husband because of issues with the family. Again, the bigger issue is that the husband would be choosing the family member over his wife's needs, but still. In any case, because they are not married this wouldn't apply to op, but the point still remains that even though someone loves someone, there is a breaking point and family members could be it. :)

Unless she loves him but he is constantly taking his sister's side over hers. I had a friend who's bf's mom would call her a slutty bitch, but her bf wouldn't ever stick up for her because "she's family, what can I do?" Also had friends who ignored family problems and ended up getting horrible divorces later on thanks to that. If the sister is being rude, OP has talked to her bf about how it bothers her, and he still does nothing, then I can understand a breakup. If OP hasn't even tried anything though, then yes I guess he wasn't all that important to her.

Obviously you've never dated a guy that has a sibling with serious problems. For example, drugs, stealing, mental health problems like pathologically lying.

my current and long term girlfriend (I don't date guys) has a sister who spilled seltzer water over my head and has been manipulative to many of her friends and relatives. I love my regardless of the actions of her family.

I understand that people don't always get along with thier significant other's family. But never have I heard someone breaking up with the other for it. If you really love your boyfriend you'd find a way too deal with it. Like spending more time at your place or neutral places.

To me it sounds like as good a reason as any to break off a relationship. His sister will always be a part of his life, and if she and OP really can't get along, it saves everybody a lot of grief if they just break up before things get too deep. And you're right, she probably doesn't really love him, but there's no indication that they've been exclusive for very long, so that's not really unusual.

#27 I agree. Holding on to a romance when there is pain and distress resulting from either side's family is overplayed. It's not awful that she feels this way, as some people have indicated. OP should be honest with him and they should see what they can try to do to make the situation better.

The other issue is that it sounds like they live with their parents, & they may not even be able to drive yet, so there may not be a lot of places they can go to get away from the sister.

If you love him, you shouldn't let his family get between you two. Try taking her out and do something you both like for a day to try and get along with her, instead of breaking it off with your boyfriend to get away from her.

Kids can be evil. For example my best friend was over weight and was insecure about it. Every time he would go to my house my little sister would ask him why he was so fat every time she saw him. Wouldn't even say hi first. It was incredibly rude but he couldn't say anything about it and my parent never protested either. So I know how you feel OP but you have to remember that you're the adult or older at least and that a talk with your boyfriend about how she treats you could take you a long way instead of just dumping him

YOU know how OP feels? Your friend was the one getting insulted but YOU are the one who somehow relates to OP's situation? You're kidding, right? lol

My best friend was tormented but I lived with her. She wasn't any nicer

Why wouldn't your parents say anything about it!? I don't know how old your sister was at that time, but your parents should've told her immediately to not say such incredibly rude things. (I'm kinda assuming she was really young and asked your friend out of curiosity, and not to be mean on purpose.)

I'm sorry OP! It's so disappointing when the family can get in the way of your feelings.