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Today, my sister found out that Justin Bieber got arrested and now she won't stop crying. 5ML
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Wienerschnitzel_fml 10

"But it's not his fault! He accidentally took drugs and drank alcohol, then he was forced to race!" -Every other Justin Bieber fan right now.


Wienerschnitzel_fml 10

"But it's not his fault! He accidentally took drugs and drank alcohol, then he was forced to race!" -Every other Justin Bieber fan right now.

aubama_fml 15

He looks like Miley Cyrus without makeup in his mugshot....

"He's depressed so that makes it okay! He doesn't need to be arrested, he just needs help!" - The rest of his fans


This kid, and all other celebrities need to learn they are not above the law.

bfsd42 20

52, I hope you are being sarcastic.

Comet_Candy 23

I can't understand how anybody could be so ignorant and even try to excuse such behaviour. That kid is a nightmare, and it's absolutely apalling that he did such a thing at this age. I personally lost a friend a few years ago because of a drunk driver. She died because she decided to walk to school that day. How sad is that? Sometimes, the world makes me sick.

Technically that's only an issue in America. He's legal everywhere in Canada and the majority of other countries. But he's still a douche and deserved what he got.

33, He IS Miley Cyrus, getting the best of both worlds. Dun, dun, dun!

He's Canadian 19 is legal drinking age here

Not me though..... Don't get me wrong I am a huge fan, but maybe this will help him smarten up.... He needs to

Comet_Candy 23

92 - I believe he was doing drugs, too. And he was in Miami, Florida at the time of the arrest.

He's Canadian and 19 is the legal drinking age here, but since he's in America yeah he should get charged for underage drinking

What the legal age is from your birth country has absolutely nothing to do with the laws where you currently are. Obviously you need to obey the laws of the land you are standing on.

What do you expect, he fell into pressure and society, age 19 with tons of money and diehard fangirls, he's bound to be an asshole. I honestly feel bad and I think he has mental issues.I mean who the **** smiles in their mugshot. Remember when he was a happy little youtuber with his mom? Power really shouldn't be given to people that young, all that hates gotten to him. Just to justify my, probably unaccepted opinion on his life, I'm not a fan of him, I dislike his music, and am male. Think about it he's like every other dumbass teen.

Also: Beiber fan 1: "what's DUI?" Beiber fan 2: "it's drinking under the influence. He was drinking while drunk. Duh!" Seriously, look it up on social media! It's pathetic!

84, But he WAS in America, where he owns a house, and lives... So, even if he's only underage here, here is the only place that counts...

Americas drinking laws are moronic. "Learn to drive before you learn to drink." "Of age to Get killed in the military but not of age to drink." Etc etc. every other country in the world teaches responsible drinking at a young age 15-18. Americans just restrict it to a later age and promote binge drinking. But as with most shit here in the good ''ol U S of A it only makes sense none of the time.

141 that's one of the reasons they used but it didn't lower DUI crashes or deaths at all it just lowered the numbers from 16-21 year olds DUI and crashes. The actual amount per year iirc actually rose in the years following that law. The only thing helping lower the numbers of crashes and deaths now is the insane amount of DUI checkpoints and the fact that like 5 cop cars sit in front of every bar. But in other countries they don't really have the issue because children are taught how to properly drink and don't grow up thinking that getting black out drunk is the proper way.

Elfkid21 19

BULL SHIT!!!! That ******-Bitch-@$$-Pussy knew what the 4û¢|< it was doing!!

buttcramp 21

In Texas, a DUI is drugs or underage drinking and driving and a DWI is for adults who are over the legal limit and driving. If it was a DUI, was he high? I'm not familiar with the laws of California. In Texas, he'd be serving 180 days of county jail time.

137- I completely agree with you, and I live in California 153- I'm pretty sure he was drunk and high

To #122: I'm sorry but, there are MANY musicians who got famous while they were in their teenage years, became millionaire, fell the pressure of the society on their shoulders and now are doing just fine, I can't remember the name of most of then now besides someone you should've heard about, called Ludwig Van motherfuckin' Beethoven. Justin Beiber is just ignorant spoiled brat who can't get over the fact that Selena Gomez dumped his ass because he was...well, an ass, so he's playing the badboy now because he wants to show to everyone that he's tough and shit, all I can say about that is if he continues like that, soon he will lose his stupid fans and might end up joining the infamous "27 club".

I hope you didn't seriously just compare Beethoven to Justin Bieber....

The age of 19 is legal in most of the world. I see more of a problem with him being a complete ass, and driving drunk than drinking at his age.

#161 No, he didn't. He used Beethoven as an example of a person who fell down a fame spiral but resurfaced.

#168 But 19 is under the drinking age in the US, where he was. That's part of the issue.

Hmm, I guess some fellow Canadians don't even know their own laws very well for legal drinking age by assuming that the entire country is 19. First of all, some of you that keep saying 19 is the legal drinking age in Canada need to adjust that statement since its not the only legal standard in our country. 19 is the legal drinking age in MOST of Canada but it is most certainly not in all of Canada. Three provinces, Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec have the legal drinking age at 18. Secondly, Justin broke the law in the USA where their legal drinking age is 21 to my knowledge (unless they are similar to us where that limit varies depending on the state you live in within the country which I don't think they have and it's set across the county as 21 only if i'm not mistaken) followed by a DUI in the US. Just because he may be legal to drink in most of Canada does not mean he is untouchable for the legal drinking age in the United States which he is still under age over there. You have to follow the law set by the county and it's states / provinces, etc. within that country. You're not untouchable to that other counties law just because you're visiting or have moved to that country from another country (granted that most celebrities in reality get a slap on the wrist when they break the law because the system is messed up that way or the fact they have the money to throw at the system to buy their way out of trouble most of the time). This kid has no sympathy from me considering he drove under the influence regardless if he was or wasn't a legal drinking age (happens to be he wasn't legal drinking age when this occurred). There is no excuse to drink and drive and if you can't handle drinking responsibly, you shouldn't be drinking period. To use depression as an excuse for his actions is a huge insult to the people who have lost someone from drinking and driving and its a huge insult to most people that suffer from depression. I have been battling sever depression on and off the past few years but I have never once used my depression as a reason to drink and drive. I'm not saying I am a saint either because I have made my own mistakes but its annoying to read how some people will find a reason to justify drinking and driving to be acceptable under a special circumstance when it is never acceptable. I apologies in advance for my long post on the input towards what is being discussed everyone. TLDR people: Justin sucks. :/

189 you slammed people for being uninformed.... When the law is set for a lower age in certain parts..... So it's legal EVERYWHERE in Canada at the age of 19 just as was said....

I know he's legal in Canada, but when you are in another country you obey that country's laws.

We're good. You can keep him. Really, we insist.

Give him to Mexico. 60,000 drug deaths per year. You never know!

I side with #5, we had him from the start. No need to give us round two of musical torture.

We have Rob Ford to deal with right now. If you guys could do us a favour and babysit Bieber for a while that'd be great.

There is actually talk of deporting him back to Canada and restricting him from ever re entering the US

Our politicians outcreep Rob Ford any day. We're sending Bieber back, whether you like it or not.

And all us British people are happy cause Bieber said himself he never wanted to come back here again :D Bet you all wish you lived here now?

You gave us Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber is your punishment

HowAreYouToday 34

... stop promoting misogyny and transphobia by mislabeling J.B.

wellthen7154 12

I realize both Canada and America don't want him, and guys probably don't either, but us girls DO NOT want him either. In all honesty it kinda sucks that being called a girl is still an insult :/

He was released yesterday because he only had to pay $2,500 to get out. Should have been more if you ask me

@34 Now you're making me cry. That's the worst news I've heard since... Well, since as far back as I can remember.

I thought you don't actually pay the money when bailing someone out? Just pay the money when they don't appear in court?

@42 Its like a deposit. You pay bail and then get the money back if you show up to your assigned court date.

So, if bail was set at $100,000, does the person have to give the bondsman that much, or is it like 10% or something? I don't know how most people could afford bail.

bfsd42 20

63, a bondsman will post your bail and charge you 10%, which you do not get back. So, if your bail is 100,000, you give the bondsman 10,000, and he gives the court 100,000, which he receives back when you appear in court. You do not see any of your 10,000 ever again. :(

I agree..... He's got money, he should pay more. Since he's so "above the law and on top of the world"! Honestly, I have no hate against justin Bieber, but if he keeps doing stuff like this he will lose more fans whether his music is good or not!!

I say that he should have to sit in jail for all of that. No bail.

I agree! That's pocket change for the douche!

Is she one of the beliebers that decided to boycott supernatural?

Huh? What does supernatural have to with justin bieber?

One or the actors made fun of Justin on Twitter (Pretty much like every other celebrity) and as usual, his army of brain washed 10 year old psychopaths went batshit insane and thought they could stop Supernatural. It was kind of cute, actually.

and then the episode the beliebers were boycotting turned out to be the most viewed episode since 2010 :D

Good thing they did not attack Sherlock or Doctor Who

sadsociety101 3

I cried as well. People can't admit that they've destroyed Justin society has. He was diagnosed with depression over 5 months ago and has tried to OD. He honestly needs to get help. People want Justin to own up to his mistakes which he did, but they can't own to harassing and bullying him so much since 2009 that he's tired and broke from it all. If he ever does vomit suicide there will be mass suicide all around the world. Those 48 million + fans of his over half are alive because of him.

Vomit Suicide sounds like a very interesting way to go.

#11: Fame and fortune has destroyed the the little twerp, just like most of the other child-stars. They aren't mature enough to handle the attention or idolizing at such a young age, and they think they are above the law because they are wealthy and worshipped by millions.

Your entire comment was vomit suicide #11

Please stop trying to excuse his actions by saying that he is depressed. He spat on his fans, pissed into a garbage can, vandalised a wall in Brazil, and now he has endangered the lives of others by drunk driving (which by the way KILLS INNOCENT PEOPLE) and drag racing. Those are not the symptoms of depression, they're the symptoms of being a giant douchebag. Being depressed does not give you the right to do half the things that Justin Bieber has done.

I accidentally gave your comment a thumbs up instead of thumbs down. now I want to vomit suicide

Please, that is the worse excuse ever. I have severe depression, yet I don't act like an asshat. I would never project my depression onto other innocent people. And if millions of people commit suicide because Justin Bieber died, that is very pathetic. I doubt he would even care a little bit if any of them died.

If you'll excuse me, I'll go commit vomit suicide over this comment.

Agreed with so much of the above. Depression doesn't cause you to endanger other people's lives.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Justin Bieber is a prick. His celebrity status and even his depression are not excuses to be an ass!

I agree. I haven't been so been diagnosed with it, but I do go the extreme end (depression wise) where I can't deal with food. But I don't do anything crazy, I just go with the flow of things when I'm not that depressed.

You know what's funny? In an absolutely not funny way. A lot of my military friends have serious depression and PTSD after coming home. None of them have gone drinking doping and driving. Some have eaten guns but they didn't go out partying and being stupid and then point at depression as the cause. #11 you are mentally deficient much like bieber.

Goblin182 26

WOW #11, you really believe 24 million people would kill themselves over thus guy? I nominate that as 2014's most outragous statement of the year. And if they do, well the world will be a better place with 24 million fewer stupid people in it.

#11, Now I really wish he were dead so there'd be less idiots like you around. "24 million+" less to be precise.

Why is anyone down voting the original comment?? They have a valid point!

Oh, for crying out loud, grow up, you little brat. A lot of people suffer from depression, but they don't go out, get drunk, and go drag racing. He committed a crime--several crimes, apparently--and now he has to pay. Excuse me, I should say allegedly; he hasn't been committed. If people didn't commit suicide en mass when John Lennon was killed or Kurt Cobain died (although there were isolated incidents), I'm pretty sure Teenybopper Nation won't do it either if anything happens to this little twit.

#11 yeah, we all know he need help. It's pretty obvious.

#123 I think we should encourage teeny bopper nation to kill themselves if bieber dies. Maybe if they all die real music can be passed on to the non-biebtard youth left over. Real music = anything that isn't this bullshit teeny bopper hip hop of the last few years.

A lot of people have depression but they don't go and act like a complete dick like Justin has been doing. Don't even try using depression as an excuse for him.

wellthen7154 12

Do you not remember when those millions of fans sliced their arms to the bone just to stop Justin's weed problem? (Which as far as I know is not actually addictive, and so he could have just stopped) Another girl commuted suicide because your precious Justin bullied HER. That's right, he didn't save her, he called her a horrible thing and the bully that followed caused her to kill herself. I have no respect for someone who drives drunk, or causes other people to hurt themselves. He's nothing but inconsiderate and rude. I won't even touch on the egging, or the behavior he sports in clubs. He should have stayed in jail for years, because I am sick of that kid.

No 11 Bieber is not acting out because of his depression. He's acting out, because he thinks he can get away with it. So far the little asstwat has. It's time for someone to step up and help him yes, but not for depression. He needs a good old belt to the ass, cause he's acting like a kid. Oh wait.

Well if even cared about his fans in the slightest bit, he would never kill himself. So you have nothing to worry about, if your really believe he is a good guy.

those 48 million fans are alive because of their parents. not justin bieber

His followers cut themselves because he was seen smoking pot but he never addressed it. That's insensitive to those who self harm.

Tell her he had some horrific disfiguring accident the shock may send her catatonic.

At least she 'll quit with the wailing, right?

Oh no he is on antidepressant pills as well, wouldnt it be a terrible shame if he killed himself :( Also "rented labourghini" all the millions doesn't even buy his own

Who the **** rents a Lamborghini to a 19-year-old?

I'm hoping the first half of your comment is sarcasm, #13.

#28, it's just like credit cards companies....... They'll let almost anyone rent I because they can take all their money.

amberv61 22

I don't think credit card companies have cars to rent out. And if I am correct you have to be 23 to be able to rent a car to ensure stuff like this or a situation that is even worse doesn't happen. The longer you drive the less reckless you are.

amberv61 22

Oops, #110 read your comment wrong. But the second half of my comment still stands. No rental place should rent out that expensive of a car to a 19 year old. No matter how much money he has

Happy Birthday FML! This place is like my second home. Thanks for the stories and the laughter.