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  gordogirls  |  4

Im 26 and learned that from this FML! Not everyone gives a shit where every pop/rock/country singer, tv/movie star is from! Just cuz i listen to Flos music doesnt mean i need to know what he looks like or where hes from, or his real name for that matter!

  BeccaHugs  |  17

I sympathize with OP's sister. I knew his name spelt "Florida", but I thought it might be some pathetic attempt to make "Flow Rider" sound cool. I'm still not sure if it is. Anyway, jumping to the conclusion that he was from Florida wasn't something I did either, considering all the ridiculous names rappers give themselves these days.


So, only people from America are stupid. Despite the thousands of non-American FMLs about people being complete idiots, but the second it is an American FML someone needs to comment with a, 'merica, even if a very similar FML was recently posted but from a different country.

  suboy  |  10

I do listen to rap but i didnt know that either. Never seen his name spelled out to put it together. But i dont really consider him a rapper. His music sounds like kids bop for adults to me.