Family Ties

By Anonymous - 17/10/2019 12:00 - Australia

Today, I found out via Facebook that my older sister just had another baby, a whole week ago, whose name is my middle name. No one told me. I didn't even know she was pregnant. FML
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You must not be that close then?

Lol, seems like you didn't bother to about her either for a long time.


pins91 27

You must not be that close then?

Or her sister's one of those way too many morons who only talks about the stuff going on in their life on facebook instead of telling people directly and then acting shocked that people didn't know because Facebook decided some ad was more relevant to your life than what your family was doing. I legit miss posts from my mom who lives in the same town because Facebook is all "well you need to see this artist you follow more than your own mom" and if my mom didn't tell me personally I wouldn't know. It's literally the only reason I'm on there. I joined after a friend had a party and was bummed I wasn't there, "Why didn't you come I invited everyone on Facebook"

Lol, seems like you didn't bother to about her either for a long time.

Leviathene 34

Relationships are a two way street...

so you've obviously not seen or contacted her in a while, not her job to let you know how she's doing if you don't bother to ask

No one has told you your middle name? How do you fill out forms?

get the annoyance, my half sister called her daughter the same name as me but spelled differently..

How often do you talk to your sister? Do you call her and she call you on a frequent basis?

I was ready to click YDI, then I remembered a friend of mine... She didn't talk about her second pregnancy *at all.* Unless you happened to see her in person the last 2 months before she gave birth (the only time she showed), you really had no way of knowing. Most of our friends had no clue until her husband posted the birth announcement on FB. A mutual friend had a baby shower for her firstborn two weeks later, and that's when we all finally got the story - her other child was having a lot of health and developmental issues and she just focused on the kid who was actually out in the world, figuring her growing baby wasn't going anywhere for the time being.

I kinda know how you feel. I didn’t find out about my uncle passing away until almost 6 weeks after it happened. Admittedly he was an estranged uncle, but even though I didn’t like the guy, I would have liked to have known sooner.