By anon - 29/08/2012 04:52 - United States - York

Today, I was giving a tour of my boat to a man who seemed interested in purchasing it. Everything was going great. That is, until, the motor stopped running in the middle of the ocean. FML
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Something tells me you still own a boat...

Two best days in boat owners life: 1. The day he buys his boat. 2. The day he sells it.


Something tells me you still own a boat...

The last sentence of the FML?

My god Sherlock, he's done it. Get #2 a detectives badge and his own show right away!!!

#24...if youre so smart how'd you fail to realize #2's name is Sophie which at first glance should translate to being a girl.

He didn't know the motor was going to go. Also, that might be the only problem. Someone would still buy it.

What if it's just a lack off fuel? Don't mean it's broke

More like the boat still owns him. :)

Someone should make a movie about this. They are stranded in the ocean and one of them turns to cannibalism because neither of them can catch a fish then the coast guard shows up.

Because the buyer was eaten

Use that as a selling point. Tell him it encourages you to exercise by making you swim all the way back to shore.

Or tell him that you planned for the boat to stop so that you can make sure he knows what to do in an emergency.

Two best days in boat owners life: 1. The day he buys his boat. 2. The day he sells it.

ain't dat the truth

Myth. My dad sold our boat during his midlife crisis and has regretted it ever since. To the point where he is currently looking for a new boat.

It's wasn't your boat, it was your father's boat. You own no part of the boat.

You beat me to it!

50 - And my dad, the one who BOUGHT the boat, is also the one who regrets selling it. Dumbshit.

Why do people always get so hostile on here? And why can't people read and understand a comment before commenting on it...

So you were aBOAT to sell your boat to him, but then the motor stopped? That sucks, OP.

OP must be drowning in misery

Oh ship, you guys are good.

Does he still want the boat?

I'm pretty sure he does, I'm pretty sure he does...

Cuz everyone wants a boat with a broken motor.

Well, put yourself in the buyer's shoes...

Bad luck Anon.

I get used to reading OP so much I read anon as OP on this comment

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It's kill or be killed

There's always next time..

Just tell him it's on stealth mode. So you can sneak up on the fish.