By h4rdy - United States
Today, I was the 10th caller on a radio show. I answered the question correctly. The DJ informed I won a free air guitar of my choosing. I yelled with excitement over the air. The DJ then instructed me how to use my new air guitar. FML
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  Havin  |  19

Not everybody understands sarcasm. What's education got to do with it? "Ok we are going to learn sarcasm today". I could be wrong, but that's just my opinion.

  muzy  |  23

the air guitar allows you to defy gravity by playing the guitar whilst flying in the air. That's why its known as an air guitar. Hope that clears up any confusion you had #3

  perdix  |  29

And suck up the pain on your fingertips until you build up calluses. The air strings should be easier to get used to than steel ones -- kids today! You got it easy.